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DrugDosageIndicationsAdverse EffectsContraindications
Aspirin 300mg PO Onset: 2-10min, Peak: 3-6hrs, Duration: <24hrs Repeat: no ACS W- wheezing H- heart burn A- allergic reaction N- nausea/vomiting G- gastritis H- hypersensitivity to salicylates A- active bleeding
Co-phenylcaine 1x 5mg spray every 1-2 min- max 25mg Onset: 1-5min. Peak: 10min. Duration: 20-30min Epistaxis Unpleasant taste H- hypersensitivity to amine anaesthetics P- pregnancy
Gastrolyte 1x sachet- repeat as necessary- max 7-10/day Dehydration N/A Nil contraindications
Glucose 15mg tube Buccal Repeat as required Onset: <15min. Peak: <15min. Duration: Variable Hypoglycaemia May worsen hyperglycaemia Altered mental status, Paeds <2yrs
Glucagon 1mg/1ml IM Can repeat after 5 min Onset: 5-30min. Peak: 10-30min. Duration: <2hrs Hypoglycaemia N- nausea/ vomiting H- hypotension T- tachycardia H- hypersensitivity to glucagon or lactose P-pheochromocytoma
Glyceryl Trinitrate 0.4mg SL Spray (400mcg)- repeat every 5min Onset: <2min. Peak: 5-10min. Duration: 20-30min Chest pain associated with Acute Cardial Syndrome T- Tachycardia, H- headache, E, W- weakness, H- hypotension, Y, D- dizziness, R- rash, D- dry mouth N- nausea/vomiting S- shock H- hypotension U- use of erectile dysfunction drugs B- bradycardia
Ondansetron 4mg SL Onset:<3-5 min. Peak: <15min. Duration: 1-4 hours Nausea & vomiting H- hypotension T- tachycardia C- constipation H- headache S- seizures Hypersensitivity to ondansetron
Paracetamol 0.5-1g (500mg) PO- repeat every 4hrs. Max 4g in 24hrs Onset: 10-60min. Peak: variable. Duration: 4hrs Minor pain or headache Nausea & GI irritation H- hypersensitivity to paracetamol P- previous doses R-respiratory distress
Phenergan 10mg PO once Onset: 5-20min. Duration: 4-6hrs Minor allergy H- hypotension I- impair mental status D- dry mouth S- sedation B- blurred vision B- bradycardia C- confusion D- dizziness H- hypersensitivity to promethazine B- breastfeeding H- history of dystonic reactions
Prochlorperazine 12.5mg/ml IM- no repeat Onset: 20min. Duration: 6hrs Motion sickness and vertigo S- sedation T- tachycardia U- D- dry mouth B- blurred vision C- confusion C- constipation H- headache H- hypotension S- shock H- hypotension A- altered mental state P- prochlorperazine hypersensitivity
Oxygen Therapy <94% in healthy patients and 88-92% in COPD patients. Hypoxia, trauma Can dry mucous membranes None
Nasal Prong 2-4L/min of O2 at 24 to 35% FIO2 Hypoxia, trauma Can dry mucous membranes None
Hudson Mask 5-10L/min at 40-60% FIO2 Hypoxia, trauma Can dry mucous membranes None
Venturi Mask 5-10L/min at 40-60% FIO2 and COPD: 24-60% FIO2 Hypoxia, trauma Can dry mucous membranes None
Non Re-breather Mask High concentration 12 -15L/min at 60-80% FIO2 Hypoxia, trauma Can dry mucous membranes None
Adrenaline 0.5mg/0.5ml IM Repeat as required Anaphylaxis H- heart palpitations A- anxiety T- tremors H- headache D- dizziness N- nausea/vomiting T- tachycardia A- arrhythmias ^- ^ myocardial damage None
Methoxyflurane 3ml IH - single repeat after 20min Onset 2-3min Peak: <5min Duration: 5-10min Anaesthetic gas- Pain C- cough D- drowsiness H-hypotension M- metabolic acidosis A- altered mental status M- malignant hypothermia E- eclampsia T- tetracycline antibiotic usage H- hyperthermia L- liver or renal disease A-altered mental status B- behavioural disturbances
Salbutamol 5mg IH Neb Onset: 2-5min. Peak: Variable Duration: 1-4hrs Bronchodilator Gas- Asthma, anaphylaxis, bronchospasm T- tachycardia, H- hypokalaemia, A- anxiety, T- tremors, P- palpitations, H- hypotension, A- arrythmias, D- dry mouth, H- headache, E, N- Nausea/vomiting, S- sore throat Hypersenitivity
Created by: maddunn23
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