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Administering a soap suds enema, your client complains of cramping what would you do? Lower container to slow flow of solution.
What is true about principles of surgical asepsis? Only sterile objects can be put on a sterile field.
Best position for unconscious patient to prevent aspiration? Sims
Correct procedure to ensure proper placement of NG tube Measure the distance from tip of nose to lobe of ear down to Xiphoid process
What do you do if you inadvertently contaminate the drainage spout on a catheter? Change urinary collection system
Best position to assist patient into for administering an enema Sims'
To prepare to take clients blood pressure cuff needs what characteristics Cuff is 2/3 of clients arm length
Correct techniques for cleaning a wound Cleanse from least contaminated to most contaminated, use circular motion from inner to outer around wound drain, use gentle friction when applying solution to skin, irrigate flow in direction of least contaminated to most contaminated
Correct site to locate apical pulse fifth intercostal space, midclavicular line
Urinary collection bag is kept below the level of the bladder to prevent what urinary reflux
PPE required when entering patient room diagnosed with Hep A Gloves and Gown
Best procedure when taking pulse of patient with history of irregular radial pulse Assess apical pulse for one minute
Steps to obtain sterile urine specimen from Foley. Clamp below injection port let urine collect in tube scrub port w/ antiseptic swab insert needle into injection port using aseptic technique withdraw needed amount using sterile technique inject urine into sterile specimen container.
what do you discuss to reinforce education to patient going home with indwelling catheter Avoid motions allowing catheter to move in & out of urethra Clamp tubing if collection bag will be raised above bladder perform hand hygiene before handling catheter system
Best way to perform hand hygiene Wet hands & wrists Apply 3-5 mL antiseptic soap use friction on palms, back of hands and fingers dry hands with clean paper towel Use clean paper towel to turn off faucets
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