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Surgery study guide


Correct techniques for cleaning a wound cleanse least to most contaminated area Irrigate from least to most contaminated area Use gentle friction when applying solution to skin wipe using circular motion from inner to outer around wound drain
Best way to facilitate bonding while preventing cold stress in infant place infant skin to skin on mother and cover with warm blanket
highest priority for a quadriplegic who is either in the bed or the wheel chair Impaired skin integrity
first thing to do when assisting patient recovering at home from abdominal surgery says when sitting up said they felt a pop and it feels different. The wound is open what do you do first? Place sterile saline soaked bandage on the wound
Patient is 5'7" and 300lbs, Just had exploratory laparoscopy who does deep breathing and ambulates 25 feet in hallway. What is the post operative concern? wound dehiscence
What essential activity must be carried out when client is using a hypothermia blanket and has an oral temp of 104. observe for shivering
Client had stroke several days ago, what is reason best explains need for turning every 2 hours Prevent skin breakdown from inability to move
Diagnosis of eczema on 6 mo old with red oozing rash on chest and back what teaching is reinforced after topical steroid ointment is prescribed? Rinse clothes twice after washing, apply unscented lubricating lotion frequently, keep nails short and prevent scratching.
Order of 20 min heat and one hour break then 20 min cold therapy was issued what are the safety considerations that need to be observed? Set timer explain therapy to client position client for easy removal of therapy check for skin sensation changes
Correct order for performing hand hygiene with soap and water wet hands and wrists thoroughly with water apply 3-5 Milliliters of antiseptic soap use friction and vigorously rub palm, back of each hand, and each finger dry hands with clean paper towel use clean paper towel to turn off faucets
where would you place the wheel chair to transfer a client with right sided weakness from the bed to the chair? At a 45 degree angle to the head of the bed on the unaffected side.
72 year old client asks about dry skin treatment what is the best statement You should bathe once a day or less often
88 year old client asks why am I so cold all the time? What is the best response As people age the layer of fat under the skin gets smaller
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