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Techniques Final AGE


Gray Squirrel Four Teeth then Peg
Fox Squirrel Four Teeth NO Peg (F-Fox, F-Four)
Flying Squirrel Tiny
Muskrat Teeth lines the skull = Juvenile, Teeth lines not to skull = Adult
Doves if no buffy tip = Adult, if buffy tip = Juvenile, count back from 10
Deer Pelvic Girdle nothches = female, no notch = male
Turkey Tails not forearm length = female, forearm length = male: top feather baring full = juvenile, top feather barring all the way up = adult
Bacula, Otter not as curved as raccoon
Bacula, Beaver short, straight, little
Bacula, Raccoon curved almost to 90 degree angle
Bones fused adult
Opossum skull pinch
Raccoon skull light bulb
Gray Fox skull “U” shape
Red Fox skull “V” shape
River Otter skull flat on top
Dog skull dipped/ sloped forehead
Coyote skull smooth slop from eyes to nose
Ruffed Grouse tail feathers Male = full brown bar, Female = broken brown bar
Woodcock wing dark bands & symmetrical = juvenile, Female = bigger, Male = thinner
Beaver skull more fused closer to adult, <5mm adult, >5mm Juvenile, >15mm Kit more fused closer to adult, <5mm adult, >5mm Juvenile, >15mm Kit
Snipe “V” shaped, black and white
Quail little white tips
Ringneck look like scaup w/o white
Scaup white back feather w/ black tips
Canvas back molted with more white than black
Ruddy Duck brown and small
Hooded Merganser half black and half white vertically on same feather
Bufflehead Black,white,brown
Blue Wing Teal Obvious blue and teal
Northern Shoveler Teal w/ blue but blue isn’t as obvious as blue wing teal
American Widgeon blue,black,white
American Black Duck black,blue,black,white
Mottled Duck smaller than American duck w/ molted feather
Gadwall red and black
Wood duck purple,blue,white,black. Female=white tear drop,Male=straight white line
Mallard white,black,purple,black,white,female= white line keeps going, male= stops
Pintail red/orange,olive/green,black/white w/ cream and brown feathers
3rd premolar has 3 cusps OR 3rd premolar 2 cusps is erupting
Fawn not all teeth present
3rd premolar has 2 cusp with very little wear
3½+ any wear on 3rd 2
Created by: KLatime