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Kaplan review

Pharm 1

Heparin administered in 2500 units subcutaneously every 12 hr, vial states Heparin 10,000 units per mL. how many mL is administered? 0.25 mL
Most appropriate needle gauge and length for subcutaneous injection for adult client 25 Gauge, 5/8 inch
Most common routes medications are eliminated from the body Kidney and bowel
what statement best reinforces teaching of over the counter medications? The risk of toxicity with over the counter medications if taken in excess
Most appropriate response to " why medications are given by sublingual route" Sublingual medications are rapidly absorbed into the blood
Best explanation for increased risk of toxicity in 2 week old being administered Digoxin Immaturity of liver
Fastest to slowest absorption rate for these forms of medications: Oral tab, IV, Transdermal patch, Sublingual, Enteric coated tab, Intramuscular, IV, Sublingual, IM, Oral tab, Enteric coated tab, Transdermal patch
Best description of tolerance to Diazepam Dose must be increased to get the same effect
Which Medications interact with Grapefruit juice Verapamil, Diltiazem, Simvastatin
Most appropriate sites for IM injection for 9 Month old child. Ventral Gluteal Muscle, Vastus Lateralis Muscle
Best Response to client when administering enteric coated aspirin and being asked " Why do I take this kind of Aspirin?" There is less irritation to the stomach with this preparation
What action by LPN Student requires immediate intervention when a Nitroglycerin patch is placed on clients chest Student leaves previous patch on skin
LPN administers IM Lorazapam 0.5 mg to client, Lorazapam is available as 2mg to 1mL. How many mL is administered? (to nearest hundreths) 0.25 mL
The most appropriate response by LPN when administering medications and client refuses to take one of the medications Its your right to refuse any medications or treatment.
Client is to receive 1L of IV fluids over 1 Hour. The tubing drop factor is 10 drops/mL. How many drops per minute should be administered? Round to nearest whole number 167 gtts/min
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