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ALS-01 Latin vocab11

-clīnō, -clīnāre, -clīnavī, -clīnātus bend
inclīnō, inclīnāre, inclīnavī, inclīnātus bow, lean forward
reclīnō, reclīnāre, reclīnavī, reclīnātus lean back, recline
exsultō, exsultāre, exsultāvī, exsultātus rejoice, exult
glōrificō, glōrificāre, glōrificāvī, glōrificātus glorify
conglōrificō, conglōrificāre, conglōrificāvī, conglōrificātus glorify (exceedingly)
gregō, gregāre, gregāvī, gregātus gather, assemble
aggregō, aggregāre, aggregāvī, aggregātus add to; join with
congregō, congregāre, congregāvī, congregātus gather together, assemble
sēgregō, sēgregāre, sēgregāvī, sēgregātus separate
parō, parāre, parāvī, parātus provide, prepare
praeparō, praeparāre, praeparāvī, praeparātus prepare
resultō, resultāre, resultāvī, resultātus resound, rebound
sānctificō, sānctificāre, sānctificāvī, sānctificātus make holy, sanctify
aperiō, aperīre, aperuī, apertus open; explain
Adam, Adae Adam
aula, aulae hall, church
columna, columnae pillar, column
creātūra, creātūrae creation, creature
flamma, flammae flame
hostia, hostiae sacrificial offering, host
innocentia, innocentiae innocence
Pascha, Paschae Passover, Pesach, Pasch; Easter
prophēta, prophētae prophet
scrīptūra, scrīptūrae writing, scripture
cibus, cibī food
Paulus, Paulī Paul
dolōrōsus, -a, -um sorrowful
laetus, -a, -um joyful
parvus, -a, -um little, small
parvulus, -a, -um little, small
tertius, -a, -um third
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