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Life Sci Mid II

Midterm study stack Chapter II

An organism's scientific name can never be changed
Which of the following lists astarts with the largest group and goes to the smallest group class, order, family
The science of classifying organisms into groups is ___. taxonomy
to arrange things into groups is to classify them
how many kingdoms are there in the modern classification system 6
The system of naming organisms is called ___. binomial nomenclature
Carolus Linnaeus introduced his sytem of naming organisms in ___. 1753
Name the two books Linnaeus wrote Species Plantarum Systema Naturae
List the characteristics of biblical kind. 1. they can reproduce 2. their offspring can reproduce
Give three reasons why Linneaus chose Latin to scientifically name organisms unchanging,descriptive,a root of many modern languages
list the basic levels of classification (from largest to smallest)devised by Carolus Linnaeus Kingdon, Phylum, Class Order
Name all the kingdoms Kingdom Archaebacteria Kingdom Eubacteria Kingdom Protista Kingdom Fungi Kingdom Plantae Kingdom Animalia
Created by: boozerclan