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Session 2 Microbio10

Microbio -10- STI/STD

Why is syphillis called the great imitator symptoms are similar to many other diseases
Why has the syphilis rate increased so much in the last decade surge in cases among homosexual and bisexual men
What is the causative organism of syphilis treponema pallidum
How is syphilis trasmitted person to person by sexual intercourse direct contact with lesions rarely spreads disease
What is the second most common cause of genital ulceration Syphilis
What is the progression of syphilis 4 stages primary -> secondary -> to late/tertiary and latent neurosyphilis is seperate from the 4 stages
What is the initial symptom of syphilis chancre ulcer painless nodule or ulcer at point of entry of bacterium
When does the chancre ulcer appear after infection appears 10 days to 3 months post exposure
Where do you typically find the chancre ulcer usually found on penis, vulva or vagina can occur on lips as well disappears in a few weeks w/o treatment
When would you typically not visualize the chancre ulcer with syphilis when it is on the cervix, tongue or buccal mucosa
what is secondary syphilis marked by T. Pallidum enters lymphatics and bloodstream disseminates throught the body and causes skin rash 2 to 8 weeks after exposure
Why do you need to be careful in touching the rash found in secondary syphilis the lesions carry active bacteria
Where is the most common area to find the rash in secondary syphilis on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet
What are some other signs and symptoms of secondary syphilis that can cause it to be confused w other diseases flulike sypmotms, mild fever, fatigue, headache, sore throat and lymphadenopathy patchy hairloss, condyloma lata in moist groin area
what is the latent stage of syphilis disease enters a stage in which it is not contagious and there are no symptoms which can last 20-30yrs. 40% will enter late or tertiary syphilis
What are the final results of syphilis mental illness, blindness, other neurological problems heart disease and death
What joint condition can you see in tertiary syphilis charcot joint
What is neurosyphilis when bacteria invades the nervous system
What are some s/sx associated with neurosyphilis headaches, stiff neck, fever, seizures, strokes if blood vessels are involved.
Why is neurosyphilis viewed seperately from normal syphilis neurosyphilis is harder to treat
how do you dx syphilis recognize s/sx microscopic identification of syphilis bacteria blood tests
What type of microscopic technique will you use to identify syphilisq darkfield microscopy
What blood test is done for syphilis RPR, rapid plasma reagin
What is the confirmatory test for RPR fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption or T. Palladium hemaglutination assay
Why most you perform a lumbar puncture on latent or late phase syphilis patients need to check for neurosyphilis
What is the tx for syphilis use IM penicillin or other antibiotic in case of PCN allergy
What is the followup protocol for syphilis treatment serological tests should be repeated at 6,12 and 24 months to ensure tx was succesful
How can you prevent syphilis avoid contact with sores and body fluids of infected persons use condoms during sex test and treat in early pregnancy to avoid neonatal syphilis
What will occur 25% of the time in a pregnant women infected w/ syphilis They will miscarry, have stillbirth or neonatal death
What other STI will you test for in patients w/ syphilis infection HIV
What is the organism that causes gonorrhea neisseria gonorrhoeae gram negative diplococci found only in humans
what is the incubation period for gonorrhea 2-5 days in males and 10 days in females
Do you get immunity from having gonorrhea before no protection from previous infections and there is no vaccine available
What is the second most commonly reported notifiable disease in the US Gonorrhea
what coinfection do you see with gonorrhea C. Trachomatis
What are the clinical presentations of gonorrhea purulent discharge for cervix/vagina or urethra vaginal itching, burning & irritation severe dysuria, urgency cervicitis-inflammed, swollen, friable urinary frequency pharyngitis anal GC conjunctivitis 85% of infected females are asymptomatic
How do you dx gonorrhea Gram STain of discharge Thayer Martin Medium Culture-gold standard DNA hybridization Nucleic acid amplification assays-expensive serologic tests-expensive not clinically sig.
What are the tx guidlines for gonorrhea use appropriate antibiotic treat for concomitant chlamydia, treat sexual partners. Have them abstain from sex for 7 days test for other STIs
Do you need to do followup testing w/ gonorhhea no but rescreening in 2-3 months is beneficial (chance of reinfection)
what is the new form of gonorrhea that is becoming more prevalent quinolone resistant N. Gonorrhoeae
What can hapen in untreated gonorrhea in pregnancy preterm labor/delivery and premature rupture of membranes
what is the most reported infectious disease in the US chlamydia
what is the pathogen that causes chlamydia chlamydia Trachomatis
What are sequelae in women with chlamydia PID, ectopic pregnancy and infertility
Why is chlymdia infection infection rate so high often infection is asymptomatic
What else can chalmydia cause when you get perinatal transmission from mother to child or person to person transmission with flies as a vector blindness
What is lymphogranuloma venereum chronic lymphadenitis of femoral or inguinal nodes caused by a serotype of chlamydia
How do you dx chlamydia women- urine or endocervix/vaginal swab men- urine or urethral swab rectal infections by rectal swab culture, direct immunoflourescence, EIA, nucleic acid hybridization test or NAATs
What should you test for when a patient tests + for chlamydia test for other STIs
What patient education will you give to someone with chlamydia no sex for 7 days after 1 time treatment or until finishing 7 day treatment no sex until partners are treated as well
Created by: smaxsmith