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Aililiú na Gamhna

eochair fhocail

aililiú alleluia
na Gamhna the calves
gan amhras undoubtedly
aoire herdsman/shepherd
bothán hut/shed/hovel
ag téamh heating
glaoigh to call
bánta green fields
canna can
buarach rope/ladle
soitheach container/vessel
uachtar cream
ceolta na cruinne all the music of the universe
síor constantly
géimneach lowing/bellowing
buaile milking place in summer pasture
aonach fair
ar féarach to pasture
na gleannta glens/hills
aitinn gallda tall furze/gorse
i gcomhair for
iníon daughter
níos binne sweeter
ceol na sí music of fairies
áilleacht an nádúir beauty of nature
buíoch as grateful for
thorthúlacht an nadúir fertility of nature
aisteach strange
díograis enthusiasm
sonas happiness
saol na tuaithe country life
fadó long ago
íomhánna images
spleodar cheerfullness
comhardadh bardic rhyme
ionannú identify
friotal speech/expression
Created by: aorourke