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Scientific Process

Accuracy error free, exact, or precise
Analyze to carefully study the parts of something
Chart a table or a diagram that shows data that has been collected
Claim a statement that is considered a fact
Communicate to share information
Compare ways that make things alike or different
Conclusion a statement that tells the results of an investigation based on evidence or data
Control the part or factor that is kept the same throughout an experiment
Data facts or information
Design to create or plan
Evaluate to examine or judge
Evidence the proof which helps support a claim and form a conclusion
Examine to inspect carefully
Formulate a way to decide and express something
Hazard possible dangers
Hypothesis a prediction about an outcome that can be tested by investigating
Interpret to explain the meaning
Investigate to observe or study by observation, experimentation, or using models
Limitation something that is a restriction or makes something less useful
Observation gathering information using the senses
Pattern information that is repeated
Plan to form, design, or develop steps of actions
Precaution actions taken before investigations to prevent possible danger
Predict stating what might happen
Procedure steps to follow in a specific way
Question the problem that can only be answered by performing an investigation
Reliability knowing whether investigation results are trustworthy and dependable
Sample a small part of something larger that is used for analysis
Scientific Explanation tells how or why something happens based on observations from an investigation
Valid reasonable and can be proven
Variable conditions or factors that changes in an investigation to what will happen
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