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Mr. C-Chapter 8-Holt

Carroll County-Mr. C-Chapter 8

established to improve coordination among the government departments that deal with issues of national security national security council
requires federal job applicants to take competitive exams merit system
head of the department of justice attorney general
turning of an entire government function over to a private company privatization
people who have jobs with the federal government civil servants
head of cabinet department secretary
period during which interested parties can give their opinions on a proposed rule public comment
highly organized system of people and their work bureaucracy
independent agencies that have the power to establish and enforce regulations regulatory commissions
employing political supporters in government jobs spoils system
hiring a private company to produce a good or perform a service contracting out
explains why provisions of a final rule were adopted statement of reasons
agencies run as nonprofit business government corporations
executive branch agencies outside the cabinet departments independent agencies
help the President to do the work of the executive branch cabinet departments
Created by: rdchiar