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Maith dhom

eochair fhocail

I m’aonar on my own /alone
Aréir last night
Cois mara beside the sea
Gannchuid scarce / few
Néal clouds
Muir sea
Tír land
Calm peaceful / calm
Cumraíocht fragrance / perfume
Ríonda queenly / noble
Scáiligh flashed / darted
Scáileán m’aigne the screen of my mind / memory
Loinnir spark / radiance / shine
Deiridh final /last
Éag death /expired /extinct
Go ceanúil affectionately/ lovingly
Ba ghnách liomsa as I used to do
Scread scáfar sad scream
Cladaigh sea-shore
Murarbh áil leat if you didn't want
Scáil dhil beloved shadow
Created by: aorourke