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Life over Time

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Two species might have similar structures that have different functions. What do these types of structures suggest about the relationship between the two species? They share a common ancestor
A student is comparing the embryos of chickens and lizards. Although the adult organisms look very different, the embryos follow similar developmental pathways. What does this suggest? They share a common ancestor
What is a population? A group of organisms of the same species that live in a defined geographical area
What are the 4 parts to Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection? Adaptation, selection, variation, overproduction
How did photosynthesizing prokaryotes that lived during the Precambrian time help life on Earth become more diverse? Cyanobacteria added oxygen to the atmosphere through photosynthesis
How does relative dating help determine the age of a fossil? By comparing the layer the fossil is in to other layers that have fossils. Older ones would be below the sample, younger would be above
During which era did the movement of animals from the sea to land result in greater diversity of life on Earth? Paleozoic
Is this an example of natural selection, yes or no? Giraffes with longer necks survive a dry season by eating from the tops of the trees. Those giraffes breed more successfully that year Yes - over time the length of the giraffe neck gets longer and this trait is passed to future offspring and becomes more common
What is evolution? The process by which inherited traits of a population change over many generations
What did Charles Darwin observe about the finches on the Galapagos Islands? The finch population on each island is unique
A species of rodents lives in a wet forest climate. Over time, the climate becomes drier and more desert-like. What would be an adaptation that would most likely improve the chances that the rodent species could survive as its environment changes? Being able to eat plants that survive in the changed environment
What is a variation? The differences between organisms of the SAME species
According to the law of superposition and relative dating, where is the oldest layer of rock in an undisturbed bed of sedimentary rocks? Bottom
Two different species have similar patterns of early development. Is it evidence for common structures, similar DNA, or similar embryological development? Embryological Development
Which of the following would similar DNA provide evidence for: Fossils, genetic, structural, or developmental patterns? Genetic evidence
How are fossils formed? Organism dies and body is covered with sediment, time pases and layers of sediment build, minerals seep into the body and replace it with stone, organism completely decomposes leaving behind an imprint
What is an unused body structure? One that is currently not in use in a present day organism, but was in an ancestor
Which of the following organisms could have evolved during Precambrian Time: a bird, a butterfly, a monkey, or bacteria? Bacteria
The Permian mass extinction occurred during which geologic era? Paleozoic era
What role does evolution play during the Cenozoic era? Evolution led to greater diversity of living things, including humans
When and why did dinosaurs become extinct? End of Mesozoic era due to a mass extinction caused by an asteroid impact
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