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VN5 week 2

Ectoparasite Lives on outside of host
Endoparasite Lives on inside of host
Parasite One eukaryotic organism living off another
Eukaryote Organism in which chromosomes enclosed in a nucleus
Direct life cycle Parasite passes from one host to next without passing through intermediate host
Definitive host Primary host in which parasite matures
Paratenic host Host in which parasite can survive but not develop
Vector Organism that physically transmits parasite from host to host
Ectoparasite - insect 3 pairs of legs, 3 sections of body (lice/flea)
Ectoparasite - arachnid 4 pairs of legs, 2 sections of body (mites/ticks)
Biting/chewing/sucking Types of lice
Pediculosis Infection with lice
Nit Louse egg, cemented to hairs, 2-3 week lifecycle
Felicola subrostratus Cat biting/chewing louse
Linognathus setosus Dog sucking louse
Trichodectes canis Dog biting/chewing louse
Ctenocephalides canis/felis Flea
Transmits tapeworm dipylidium caninum Flea/louse
FAD Flea allergic disorder
Myiasis Flystrike - dipteran fly larvae (green/blue bottles)
Trombicula autumnalis Harvest mite (surface mite)
Cheyletiella Walking dandruff (surface mite)
Burrowing mites Sarcoptes/Notoedres/Cnemidocoptes/Trixacarus
Demodex Cigar-shaped mite found on hair follicles, classified as burrowing, often causes alopecia eg around eyes
Otodectes cynotis Dog/cat/ferret ear mite - visible as white moving dots
Ixodes ricinus/canisuga Tick
Endoparasite classes Helminth/ Protozoa
Nematode Roundworm
Cestode Tapeworm
Scolex Head of tapeworm/cestode
Proglottids Segments of tapeworm/cestode
Strobila Chain of progottids on tapeworm/cestode
Echinococcus granulosus/Dipylidium caninum UK tapeworms
Hydatid cyst Large cyst containing many cestode heads
Anthelmintic Product to kill tapeworms and roundworms
Toxocara canis Zoonotic pathogen, often found in puppies, transferred across placenta
Trichuris vulpis Whipworm, egg shaped like a lemon
Aelurostrongylus abstrusus/Angiostrongylus vasorum Lungworms
Coccidia A protozaol parasite, may cause D+ in birds
Toxoplasma gondii Final host - cat; protozoa that may cause human abortion
Giardia Test may include collection of 3 days faecal sample
Created by: jennytinson
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