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Mental Health 2

Crossword Puzzle Quiz

SSRI for bulimia, OCD, depression and PMDD Prozac
Others make all his decisions. dependent
Antipsychotic that antagonizes serotonin and dopamine; Used for dementia and agitation. Seroquel
Suspicious of everyone. paranoid
anticonvulsant; therapeutic at serum levels of 50-100mcg/mL Depakote
SSRI used for MDD, OCD, panic disorder; can cause exopthalmos (bug eyes) Zoloft
Antagonized benxzodiazepines;given as 0.2 mg IV over 30 seconds. Romazicon
Believes he is entitled to special privileges Narcisstic
Anticonvulsant which controls seizures topamax
Believes he has a sixth sense schizotypal
Swallows a bottle of pills after therapist leaves on vacation. borderline
Atypical antipsychotic; decreases or eliminates psychotic signs and symptoms; iimproves negative signs and symptoms Risperidol
Used as an antipsychotic and also controls Torette's tics; contraindicated in Parkinson's disease and alcoholism. Haldol
Has a lifetime pattern of social withdrawal. schizoid
SSRI which inhibits neuronal uptake of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine; used for depression; can cause IMPOTENCE Effexor
Benzodiazapine used for anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. Xanax
Fears rejection and will not enter a relationship. avoidant
No remorse for the exploitation and manipulation of others. antisocial
Stimulant which decreases release of dopamine and norepinephrine; ADHD Adderall
Believes everyone must follow the rules and the rules cannot be modified. compulsive
emotional and dramatic histrionic
Treats bipolar I manic episodes; may cause tardive dyskinesia, NMS and hyperglycemia. Abilify
Phenothiazine antipsychotic which blocks dopamine receptors; adverse effects are EPS Prolixin
Antimanic;keep levels 1.0-1.5 mEq/L and draw 8-12 hours after LD lithium
Anxiolytic sedative-hypnotic benzodiazapine used for alcohol withdrawal. Ativan
Shows no remorse for exploitation and manipulation of others. antisocial
Accepts a job he does not want to do, then does a poor job and delays past the deadline. passive aggressive
Believes she is entitled to special privileges that others do not deserve. narcissistic
Swallows a bottle of pills after her therapist leaves on vacation. borderline
They are suspicious of all others with whom they com in contact. paranoid
Believes he has a "sixth sense" and knows what others are thinking. schizotypal
Allows others to make all his important decisions. dependent
Refuses to enter into a relationship because of fear of rejection. avoidant
Demonstrates highly emotional and overly dramatic behaviors. histrionic
Has a lifelong pattern of social withdrawl. schizoid
Believes everyone must follow the rules and the rules can never be bent for anyone ever. compulsive
Prophylactic medication should be started for any patient with a total CIWA score of ___ or more. 8
PRN medications should be started in addition to prophylactic medications if the patient has a total CIWA score of ____ or more. 15
Early intervention for a CIWA score of 8 or greater provides the best means to prevent the progression of withdrawal.
I the patient scores greater than an 8 on the CIWA scale, how often should their vitals be monitored? q1h for 8 hours, then q2h for 8 hours then if stable, q4h for 72 hours.
If the patient's initial CIWA score is less than 8, how often should their vitals be monitored? q4h for 72 hours and if the score is stays below 8 for 72 hours, d/c assessment.