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Wolohon Mod 5 Test R

Wolohon Mod 5 (Integumentary )Test Review

What's oily, composed of Keratin, Fat and Celluar debris? SEBUM
A cutaneous or mucous surface that has lost substance: ULCER
Your nails are epidermal cells converted to.... KERATIN
Infected, inflammed dermis (Skin) caused by bacteria entering a hair follicle: FURUNCLE
Say this three times fast: "The pattern of the papillary layer is..." Papillae and hollows
The skin connects to what type of membranes where it joins body cavities? Mucous
What structure covers the exposed surfaces of the body? INTEGUMENT
Is the dermis sensitive or non-sensitive? SENSITIVE
Special cells within the skin that perform particular functions are called.. Auxillary Appendage
Hair grows from..... Follicles in the skin
Fingernail infection-- Paronychia
Sweat glands do what? Excrete nitrogenous wastes
What helps keep dust and foreign matter out of your eyes, nose, ears... HAIRS -eyelashes, nasal hairs ear hairs
The palms of your hands - The soles of your feet STRATUM LUCIDUM
Name the nerve endings found in the skin... Touch, Pressure, Heat, Cold, Pain
A small bump------------ Nodule
"Layer" is Latin for Stratum
A groove in the skin Fissure
Pus filled skin Pustule
"Granular" is Latin for: Granulosum
You won't find any hair on this, Soles of feet - Palms of hands
Top layer of skin EPIDERMIS
Inflammation of sebaceous glands? ACNE
"Clear" the Latin term is.. Lucidum
"Horn" is Latin for.. Corneum
What tissue is dense, fibrous, connective tissue? DERMIS
Long fingernails that separate from the nailbed Onycholysis
What gives your body color? Melanin
Soft hair has _________ from what gland? sebum from the -sebaceous gland
A blister Vesicle
'Bed sore" or "Pressure Sore" usually found on tailbone or elbow? Decubitis ulcer
We call it the nailbed. Subungual
Sudden, red , itchy skin reaction usually caused by allergies Hives
The Latin term for "Granular" is Granulosum
The Latin term for "layer" is Stratum
Latin term for "granular" is Granulosum
What contains areolar tissue and fat? Hypodermis
Nails grow from _________cells lying under the _________. Epithelial Lunula
Dead cells that convert to keratin and flake off Stratum corneum
Created by: twolohon