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1T Vocab 02

值得 zhí dé Worth it
气氛 qì fēn Mood / Atmosphere
贫穷 pín qióng Poor
简单 jiǎn dān Simple
复杂 fù zá Complicated
分享 fēn xiǎng Share
介绍 jiè shào Introduce
严重 yán zhòng Serious
纷纷 fēn fēn One after another
仔细 zī xì Carefully / Meticulously
收获 shōu huò Gain
建议 jiàn yì Suggestion
说谎 shuō huǎng Lying
兴高采烈 xīng gāo cǎi liè Excitedly
充满 chōng mǎn Filled with (emotions)
无限 wú xiàn Limitless
筹款 chóu kuǎn Fundraising
Created by: MSLYR
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