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Phenoxybenzamine Irreversible Non selective alpha blocker HTN in pheochromocytoma Used pre-op to prevent hypertensive crisis
Phentolamine Reversible non selective alpha blocker Reverse cheese effect caused by patients using mao drugs , when invest cheese foods containing tyramine causing HTN MAO drugs inhibit breakdown of neurotransmitters and tyramine. Tyramine resemble dopamine causing HTN
Prazosin selective alpha 1 blocker Urinary symptoms of BPH PTSD HTN Scorpion sting S/E 1st dose orthostatic hypotension, dizziness, headache
Terazosin, dozazosin selective alpha 1 blocker HTN BPH urinary symptoms
Tamsulosin selective alpha 1 blocker BPH urinary symptoms S/E postural hypotension, retrograde ejaculation, flickering iris
Mirtazapine selective alpha 2 blocker Depression S/E sedation ,increased serum cholesterol and appetite
Atenolol, Metoprolol, Esmolol Beta 1 selective blockers HTN Metoprolol- systemic heart failure Post MI Stable angina Supraventricular arrhythmias CHF
Nadolol, Prapranolol Non selective beta antagonists Portal HTN Migraine Performance anxiety Essential tremors Thyroid storm Beta 1- decrease no Beta 2- decrease portal blood flow
Timolol Non selective beta antagonists Glaucoma Beta 1+2 blockade -->aqueous humor prod is blocked
Carvedilol Beta 1,2,alpha1 antagonists Systemic heart failure
Labetalol Beta 1,2,alpha1 antagonists Hypertensive emergency
Pindolol (beta1+2) non selective Acebutolok (beta 1 selective) Intrinsic sympathomimetic activity Beta agonist when sympathetic activity is low Beta blocker when sympathetic activity is high
Created by: Akhitha reddy