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DrugMoaUsesSide effects
Methacholine Muscurinic receptors in airway (M2 agonist) Methacholine challenge test Diagnosis of asthma
Bethanechol M3 blockade - bowel and bladder Post-op paralytic ileus and urinary retention
Pilocarpine Contracts ciliary muscle and pupillary sphincter of eye Stimulates sweat, tears, saliva Open angle and closed angle glaucoma Sjogrens syndrome- xerostomia
Donepezil, rivastigmine,galantamine Reversible Anticholinesterase (lipid soluble can cross BBB) Alzheimer's
Physostigmine Reversible AChE inhibitors ( lipid soluble can cross BBB) Antidote for naticholinergic toxicity - atropine overdose
Neostigmine Reversible AChE inhibitors ( water soluble can't cross BBB) Post op and neurogenic ileus and urinary retention Reversal of NMJ blockade Myasthenia grevis
Edfophonium Reversible AChE inhibitors ( water soluble can't cross BBB) Diagnosis of myasthenia grevis previously
Pyridostigmine Reversible AChE inhibitors ( water soluble can't cross BBB) Long acting - used in myasthenia grevis
Carbamates and orgnophosphates Irreversible AChE inhibitors Poisoning - Diarrhea Urination Miosis Bronchospasm Bradycardia Emesis Salivation Sweating Rx - atropine 0.6mg/kg Pralidoxime 30mg/kg IV bolus +8mg/kg/hr infusion
Created by: Akhitha reddy