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Cabinet Depts.

Treasury makes money, tries to help the economy, collects taxes
Labor supports workers to provide more opportunity/protect rights/improve conditions
Education provides funding to schools, helps students pay for college
Defense includes all parts of the U.S. military, mission is to protect America aroud the world
Justice enforce federal laws, prevent crime, punish those convicted of crimes
Agriculture supports farmers, makes sure food is safe, makes reccomendations about good nutrition
Homeland Security protects the country against terrorism, makes sure borders are safe
The Interior manages and conserves most federal land/natural resources
Energy uses science and technology to address energy/enviromental/nuclear challenges
Transport responsible for federal highways/railroads/driver safety
Commerce creates conditions for economic growth/opportunity, voice of business
Health and Human Services (HHS) works to improve the health/safety/well-being of Americans
State maintains relationships between America and other countries
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports strong communities/quality/affordable housing
Veterans Affairs provides patient care/federal benefits to military veterans/their families
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