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Drugs & Toxicology 9

overdose symptoms, drug categories

How many categories of Controlled Substances are there? 5
An additive drug that relieves, pain, alters mood/behavior, and causes sleep/numb feelings: Narcotics
The degree to which a substance is poisonous/can cause injury: Toxicity
Drug or other chemical compound whose manufacture, distribution, possession is regulated: Controlled Substance
A naturally occurring/manufactured substance that can cause severe pain or death if taken: Poison
Often derived from plants; Affects perceptions, thinking, self-awareness, and emotions: Hallucinogens
Alcohol is classified as what? Depressant
This is the most-poisonous biological substance known to man: Botulism Toxin
Drugs with no currently-accepted medical use in the U.S. are classified as what? Illegal Drugs
Drug offenders make up how much of the Federal/State Prison system respectively? 50% / 20%
These increase feelings of well-being, energy, and alertness, while suppressing appetite: Stimulants
The level of toxin needed to cause death: Lethal Dose
How many murders are carried out by poisoning? 0.5%
This causes severe muscle spasms, and is caused by a bacterial toxin: Tetanus
These provide cell and tissue growth, increasing muscle mass and bone density: Anabolic Steroids
This is caused by a spore-forming bacteria, that enters through being inhaled, eaten, touched. Anthrax
A poisonous substance naturally produced by plants, animals, bacteria, that can cause death. Toxin
These relieve anxiety, causes sleep, but can affect coordination and thinking: Depressants
Derived from the Castor bean, and causes cells to die by denying protein production: Ricin
Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury can cause what kind of poisoning? Heavy Metal
True or False: The DEA is not part of the Department of Justice. False
What is the main difference between poisons and venoms? One is ingested, one is injected
True or False: Schedule I is the least critical of the Controlled Substance Schedules False
Overdose symptoms: Dilated pupils, dry mouth, tremors, hallucinations LSD
Overdose Symptoms: Difficulty Breathing, Low blood pressure, Blue fingernails and lips. Heroin
Overdose Symptoms: Dangerous rise in body temp, kidney failure, bleeding in the brain. Methamphetamines
Overdose Symptoms: Tremors, Seizures, irregular heartbeats, confusion. Cocaine
Overdose Symptoms: Rapid heart rate, agitation, stroke, coma. Amphetamines
Another name for MDMA is: Ecstasy
Overdose Symptoms: Abdominal pain, severe nausea, personality changes, convulsions, coma Arsenic
What is the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC)? 0.08 % BAC
When Inhaled: Flu-like symptoms, breathing problems, muscle aches, fever & eventually death. Anthrax
This is deadly in small amounts, cause massive damage, and painful spasms before death. Botulism
Overdose Symptoms: Weakness, confusion, and can kill in six to eight minutes after ingestion Cyanide
Which of the following does not fall under the class of hallucinogens? Cocaine
Which of the following substances is not considered a stimulant? Marijuana
People are exposed to toxins by ingestion, inhaling them, injection, or absorption through the skin. True or False? True
Accidental deaths from drug overdoses are more common than deaths from poisoning. True or False? True
Anabolic steroids increase muscle mass and have no harmful effects. True or False? False
Which controlled substance increases GABA activity causing drowsiness and slowed brain activity? Depressant
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