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Sci 7B U1L10 Test

Reproduction and Development Test

A plant that reproduces with flowers is an ____________________ Angiosperm
Even after birthing 3 boys, the chances of having a girl is still _______% Fifty
Hemophilia example: XHXh Non-diseased, carrier ________ genes female
______ fertilization: developing embryo protected from predators, but more time & energy used and less offspring produced Internal
In the alternation of generations, spores grow into a _____________ gametophyte
Differences in ___________ will cause plants and animals to be less healthy (shorter, smaller, etc.) nutrition
In alternation of generations, sporophytes produce _________ spores
Flower shape and nectar are plant___________ that force animals to brush against the pollen (aiding in plant reproduction) adaptations
In the alternation of generations, a zygote grows into a _____ sporophyte
In the alternation of generations, a zygote grows into a _____ sporophyte
Developing embryos receive nutrients and oxygen through this tube _______ __________ umbilical cord
Plants have developed adaptations like bright colors to help with plant ____________ reproduction
Using genetically engineered crops allows farmers to _________ the amount of crop harvested increase
X-linked disease, passed on from generation to generation hemophilia
Tough, protective shells on eggs have evolved to ensure the developing embryo does not _____ ____ dry out
The alternation of generations is only done by _________ only plants
Fruit helps plants reproduce because animals will eat it and __________ the seeds disperse
Both plants and animals carry ____________ material from the parent hereditary
In the alternation of generations, gametophytes produce ________; also known as sperm and eggs gametes
New cell formed from fertilization; gametes come together to form a _________ zygote
A farmer breeds only the cows that produce the most milk; this is an example of __________________ inbreeding
Male birds singing and dancing during certain times of the year is likely a _________ __________ behavior courtship ritual
Hemophilia example: _________ diseased male genes XhY
Internal fertilization occurs ___________ the female's body Inside (doesn't mean the embryo always grows internally, ex. chickens)
A carrier is someone who has a recessive ______ for the disease, but is healthy allele
Males cannot be a _______ with X-linked diseases carrier
A man with a genetic disease & a healthy, non-carrier woman: sons can't get the disease. The disease must be X-linked _________ dominant
Hemophilia example: __________ diseased female genes XhXh
______ fertilization: more possible offspring (more eggs produced), but gametes can be washed away or eaten external
Hemophilia example: XHY Non-diseased ________ genes male
External fertilization occurs ___________ the female's body outside
Created by: scanto
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