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Is Air matter? Why or why not? Yes, beacuse air is made up of atoms.
Which of the following describes the motion of molecules in a gas of liquid water? The molecules are all always moving.
In which state of matter are the molecules spaced farthest apart? A gas
In which state of matter is the connection between the molecules the strongest? A solid
What does the Kinetic Theory describe? The motion of particles in matter
What causes molecules and atoms in matter to move around more? Heating the matter
What phase of matter has definite shape and definite volume? Solid
What state of matter has a definite volume, but no definite shape? Liquid
What is ionized gas with equal amounts of positively charged nuclei of atoms and negatively charged electrons? Plasma
What best describes melting? When heat is added to a solid to make a liquid
What is it called when a solid changes to a gas? Sublimation
What is an example of plasma? Northern Lights
When particles in a solid or a liquid move faster what happens? They move slightly further apart which is called expansion
What is the smallest type of particle that can not be broken down into any other substance. Element
Damitri Mendeleev invented a syatem to organize the known elements which is called what? Periodic Table
What is it called when two or more elements combine chemically Compound
A formula can be written to describe the components of a Compound
What is a combination of many different elements not chemically combined? Mixture
Anything that takes up space and has mass is defined as what? Matter
What is the smallest particle in a compound that is made up of two or more elements? Molecule
Salsa Heterogeneous Mixture
Milk Homogeneous Mixture
NaCl Compound
O Element
Ag Element
CuO Compound
If liquid water were boiled into water vapor, what would best describe the change? physical change
If you ground up a large block of salt into smaller pieces of salt, what would best describe the change? physical change
If you bake cookie dough into cookies, what would best describe the change? chemical change
If two clear colorless liquids are poured together and they begin to bubble and smoke, what would best describe the change? chemical change
The color, shape, density, melting point, and boiling point of a substance would be described as Physical properties
Change in smell chemical change
Melting physical change
Dissolving physical change
Produces heat chemical change
Boiling physical change
Cutting physical change
Liquid turns cloudy chemical change
Produces bubbles chemical change
Breaking physical change
Created by: Rachel Lynn