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Ecology Unit

Organism An individual living thing
Population group of individuals of the same species that live in the same area
Community All the different populations that live together in an area
Ecosystem A community of organisms and their abiotic environment (fish, rocks, pond, ducks, grass, etc)
habitat Place where an organism lives
Niche An organism's particular role in an ecosystem, or its job.
Ecology The study of how living things interact with each other and their environment
Tundra An extremely cold, dry biome found in artic or high mountain regions, little rain
Savannah lots of grasses and few trees, has wet and dry season. Found in Africa
Grasslands a large open area of country covered with grass, moderate precipitation
Estuary A habitat in which the fresh water of a river meets the salt water of the ocean.
Deciduous Forest A biome with four seasons, plants shed leaves in the fall and grow new ones in the spring.
swamp A wetland ecosystem in which shrubs, vines, and trees grow
Adaptation A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce
dichotomous key an aid that is used to identify organisms and that consists of the answers to a series of questions
desert An extremely dry area with little water and few plants, hot during day and cold at night
intertidal zone Portion of the shoreline that lies between the high and low tide lines
neritic zone The region of shallow ocean water over the continental shelf.
Tropical Rain Forest Biome biome characterized by large amounts of rainfall, year round warm temperatures, most biologically diverse biome, poor soil
Taiga Biome in which the winters are cold but summers are mild enough to allow the ground to thaw, also called boreal forest, moderate rain
Marsh an area of low-lying land that is flooded in wet seasons or at high tide, and typically remains waterlogged at all times, grasses grow here
Open Ocean deep ocean water, located away from the shoreline where sunlight can no longer reach the ocean bottom, most marine life lives here
Deep Ocean this biome has lots of pressure, sunlight does not reach, is dark and has many odd fish and sea creatures that get energy from feeding on organic material that has fallen from other zones.
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