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Geography Guide 2

Culture hearth a place where new ideas from cultures spread outward
Qanats an underground system used by the Persians for water
ziggurat a large temple made out of bricks in ancient Mesopotamia
cuneiform an ancient writing system used by Sumerians that utilized wedge shapes and clay tablets
Natural Boundary geological features such as rivers and mountains defining a fixed extent or limit
Participate to take part in an activity in some way
Assumed to guess from experience
Sheikdom an area or territory under the rule of an Islamic leader
Shari'ah law of Islam the is derived from Korean laws and Muhammad's teachings
emir ruler of an Islamic country like a prince
labor work done by people forced to do it
dominant having command or authority over others
priority superiority or most important goal
enclave a region or community within a country or city made up of people from multiple different races and backgrounds
exclave a group of people who isolate themselves form the larger part of a country
mujahedeen guerrilla fighters from Islam
maintain to keep something in current state
imposed to use authority to establish or apply
Created by: Sammy Clay
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