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How to study korean

unit 1 lesson 23

초록(색) (the color) green
보라색 (the color) purple
연두색 (the color) light green
분홍색 (the color) pink
갈색 (the color) brown
회색 (the color) grey
적색 (the color) red
셔츠 Shirt
눈보라 blizzard, snow storm
뉴스 news (not 소식)
전쟁 war
작품 a piece of work
날짜 date
그릇 bowl
one's back (body part)
손등 back of hand
손톱 fingernail
독자 readers
부부 couple, married couple
변경하다 to change (four syllables)
들르다 to stop by
내려오다 to come down
내려가다 to go down
드러내다 to reveal, to show
발표하다 to announce
드러나다 to be revealed, to be shown
푸르다 to be sea blue
노랗다 to be yellow
빨갛다 to be red
하얗다 to be white
까맣다 to be black
파랗다 to be blue
섬세하다 to be delicate
송이 counter for “bunch” (bananas)
종류 counter for a “type of thing” (ㅈ...)
가지 counter for a “type of thing” (ㄱ...)
그렇다 to be like that (ᄀ...)
이렇다 to be like this
저렇다 to be like that (ㅈ...)
Created by: Sandyofili