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How to study korean

unit 1 lesson 20

교수 professor
주인 master, owner, proprietor
잘못 mistake, fault
기온 temperature
거울 mirror
가루 powder
근육 muscle
어둠 darkness
기본 basics
사고 accident
교통 traffic
잘하다 to do something well
못하다 to do something poorly
수영하다 to swim
대우하다 to treat somebody
퇴직하다 to retire
접수하다 to receive (usually an application)
씹다 to chew
통역하다 to interpret
번역하다 to translate
젓다 to stir
늘리다 to gain, to improve, to increase (ㄴ...)
빠지다 to fall into
빠져나오다 to escape, to come out of
빠져나가다 to escape, to go out of
늘다 to be gained, improved, increased
둥글다 to be round
헷갈리다 to be confusing (ㅎ...)
어둡다 to be dark
adds respect to a person's name or position
또는 or
A counter for "years" of age (ends in vowel)
물론 of course
이상 a noun to indicate that something is more than something else
Created by: Sandyofili