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Ultimate Nouns Guide

aetat- 3rd f age
agr- 2nd m farm
agricola- 1st m farmer
amica- 1st f female friend
amicita- 1st f friendship
amic- 2nd m friend
amor- 3rd n love
animal- 3rd i n animal
anim- 2nd m spirit
ann- 2nd m year
aqua- 1st f water
arma- 2nd plural only n weapons
argument- 2nd m argument/proof
art- (from ars) 3rd i f art/skill
arc- (from arx) 3rd i f citadel
auctor- 3rd m author
auditor- 3rd m listener/audience
aur- 3rd i f ear
basi- 2nd n kiss
bell- 2nd n war
benefici- 2nd n benefit
cael- 2nd n sky/heaven
capit- 3rd n head/leader
carmin- 3rd n song/poem
casa- 1st f house
causa- 1st f cause/reason
cena- 1st f dinner
civ- 3rd i m/f citizen
civitat- 3rd f state
clementia- 1st f mercy
coniurat- 2nd plural only m conspirators
consili- 2nd n plan/council
consul- 3rd m consul
copia- 1st f abundance/troops
corn- 4th n horn
corpor- 3rd n body
culpa- 1st f fault/blame
cupiditat- 3rd f desire
cura- 1st f attention
dea- 1st f Goddess
de- (from deus) 2nd m God
di- (from dies) 5th m day
discipula- 1st f student
discipul- 2nd m student
diviti- 1st plural only f riches
don- 2nd n gift
duc- (from dux) 3rd m leader
equ- 2nd m horse
exiti- 2nd n destruction
fabula- 1st f story
fact- 2nd n deed
fama- 1st f fame
familia- 1st f family
femina- 1st f women
fenestra- 1st f window
ferr- 2nd n sword/iron
fid- 5th f faith
filia- 1st f daughter
fili- 2nd m son
fin- 3rd m end
flumin- 3rd n river
forma- 1st f form/shape
fortuna- 1st f luck/fortune
for- 2nd n marketplace
fratr- 3rd m brother
fruct- 4th m fruit/profit
gent- (from gens) 3rd f nation
gen- (from genu) 4th n knee
gloria- 1st f glory
Gracecia- 1st f Greece
graec- 2nd m greek
hasta- 1st f spear
homin- (from homo) 3rd m human
hora- 1st f hour/time
host- 3rd i m enemy
ign- 3rd i m fire
imperator- 3rd m emperor
imperi- 3rd n absolute power
insidi- 1st plural only f ambush/plot
insula- 1st f island
ira- 1st f anger
iudic- (from iudex) 3rd m judge
iudici- 2nd n judgement
iur- (from ius) 3rd n justice
labor- 3rd m work
laud- (from laus) 3rd f praise
leg- (lex) 3rd f law
libell- 2nd m little book
libr- (from liber) 2nd m book
libertat- (from libertas) 3rd f freedom
limin- (from limen) 3rd n threshold
lingua- 1st f tongue/language
littera- 1st f letter
litor- (from litus) 3rd n shore
loc- 2nd m/n place
lud- 2nd m school/game
luc- (from lux) 3rd f light
magistr- (from magister) 2nd m teacher
magistra- 1st f teacher
man- 4th f hand
mar- (from mare) 3rd i n sea
matr- (from mater) 3rd f mother
medica- 1st f doctor
medic- 2nd m doctor
memoria- 1st f memory
ment- (from mens) 3rd i f mind
mensa- 1st f table
met- (from metus) 4th m fear
milit- (from miles) 3rd m soldier
mod- 2nd m manner/mode
mont- (from mons) 3rd i m mountain
mora- 1st f delay
morb- 2nd m sickness
mort- (from mors) 3rd i f death
mor- (from mos) 3rd i m habit/custom
mund- 2nd m world
natura- 1st f nature
nauta- 1st m sailor
nav- 3rd i f ship
nemin- (from nemo) 3rd m/f nobody
nomin- 3rd n name
noct- (from nox) 3rd i n night
nub- (from nubes) 3rd i f cloud
numer- 2nd m number
ocul- 2nd m eye
offici- (from officium) 2nd n duty
orator- 3rd m speaker
or- (from os) 3rd m mouth
oti- (from otium) 2nd n leisure
part- (from pars_ 3rd f portion/share
patr- (from pater) 3rd m father
patientia- 1st f patience
patria- 1st f fatherland
pac- (from pax) 3rd m peace
pecunia- 1st n money
perfugi- 2nd n refuge
pericul- 2nd n danger
philosophia- 1st f philosophy
poena- 1st f punishment
poeta- 1st m poet
popul- 2nd m nation
porta- 1st f gate
principi- 2nd n beginning
probita- 1st f uprightness
puella- 1st f girl
puer- 2nd m boy
ration- (from ratio) 3rd f reasoning
regina- 1st f queen
remedi- (from remedium) 2nd n remedy
r- (from res) 5th f thing
reg- (from rex) 3rd m king
Roma- 1st f Rome
rosa- 1st f rose
sacerdot- (from sacerdos) 3rd m preist
sal- (from salus) 3rd m health
sapientia- 1st f wisdom
satura- 1st f satire
sceler- (from scelus) 3rd n crime
scientia- 1st f knowledge
scriptor- 3rd m writer
senat- 4th m senate
senectut- (from senectus) 3rd f old age
sen- (from senex) 3rd n old man
sens- 4th m sense/feeling
sententia- 1st f feeling
serva- 1st f slave
servitut- (from servitus) 3rd f
serv- 2nd m slave
sign- (from signum) 2nd n sign
solaci- 2nd n comfort
somn- 2nd m sleep
soror- 3rd f sister
sp- 5th f hope
spirit- 4th m soul
studi- (from studium) 2nd n pursuit/study
stult- 2nd m fool
tempestat- (from tempestas) 3rd f storm/season
temp- 2nd m weather
terra- 1st f earth/land
timor- 3rd m fear/anxiety
Troia- 1st f Troy
turba- 1st f mob/disturbance
tyrann- 2nd m absolute ruler
urb- 3rd m city
uxor- 3rd f wife
verb- 2nd n word
veritat- (from veritas) 3rd f truth
vers- 4th m verse
via- 1st f way
vicina- 1st f neighbor
vicin- 2nd m neighbor
victoria- 1st f victory
vir- 2nd m man
virgin- (from virgo) 3rd f virgin
virtut- (from virtus) 3rd f bravery
vi- (from vis) 3rd i f power
vita- 1st f life
viti- (from vitium 2nd n crime
voluptat- (from voluptas) 3rd f pleasure
vulg- (from vulgus) 2nd n mob
vulner- (from vulnus) 3rd n wound
delectation- (from delectatio) 3rd f delight
nepot- (from nepos) 3rd m grandson
sol- 3rd m sun
ingeni- (from ingenium) 2nd n talent/nature
curs- 4th m course/race
luna- 1st f moon
occasion- (from occasio) 3rd f occasion/opportunity
parent- (from parens) 3rd m/f parent
stella- 1st f star
vesper- 2nd/3rd m evening
fat- (from fatum) 2nd n fate
adulescent- 3rd m young man
adulescentia- 1st f youth
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