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Stack #31898

Mr. Olson 6th Grade Science Chapter 3A

What is usually given to prevent a person from contracting a disease? vaccine
What is a one-celled organism that does not have a nucleus? moneran
What monerans can carry out photosynthesis? blue-green bacteria
What are medicanes that can stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria? antibiotics
The dependency that two organisms nave on each other for survival is called _________. symbiosis
In a communicable disease, what passes from one host to another? disease-causing organisms
Chemical poisons produced by bacteria are called ________. toxins
The body's main line of defense against infection are the white blood cells of the _________. immune system
What is the process by which monerans reprodue by splitting into idential cells? fission
What are proteins produced by white blood cells that can attach to bacteria and viruses and destroy them? antibodies
What cannot obtain or use energy on their own? viruses
What feed on dead organic matter and on living things? bacteria
What causes colds, AIDS, and measles? virsues
What causes cholera, tetanus, and whooping cough? bacteria
What reproduce through fission? bacteria
What can reproduce only within a cell of a host organism? viruses
What are made of genetic material wrapped inside a capsule of protein? viruses
What have cell walls but don't have a nucleus? bacteria
What are divided into three groups according to shape? bacteria
Created by: mr.olson