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wbbp ch.16-21

whitch of black bird pond vocab

scornful,mocking,or looking down upon flout
a disease malady
loose or lacking in strictness laxness
a prophecy; feeling or prediction about the future premonition
to stir; to wake; to agitate rouse
hatred contempt
arousing a feeling of sadness poignant
unlikely or untrustworthy dubious
an old unmarried woman spinster
a face or facial expression countenance
sneaky secretive, or sneaky devious
carefree or lighthearted blithe
miscellaneous or various sundry
saying something false or damamging about another person slander
cleverness, imagination, or inventiveness ingenuity
irreverent words against God blasphemy
to feel remorse or regret rueful
unnatural or supernatural preternatural
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