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Respiratory system

Why do we exhale? To get rid of Carbon dioxide.
What is the Trachea? A tube filled with mucus and Cilia that directs air to the Bronchi.
What are the Bronchi and Bronchioles? Tubes that together look like a tree. They direct air to the Alveoli.
How does the diaphragm help you breathe? When it contracts, it sucks in air to the lungs. When it relaxes, it pushes air out
What are four smoking related diseases? Lung Cancer- Creates tumors in lung that clog space Emphysema- Irritates lung and destroys alveoli Bronchitis- Swells up space in Bronchi and makes it hard to breathe
What is the Larynx? It lets you talk and brings air to the Trachea.
What is the pharynx? It directs food to the stomach and air for the trachea.
What are the nasal and oral cavity. Brings air through the nose and mouth Into the body
What do mucous and cilia do? Mucus moisturizes, warms and cleans air Cilia filters thing through the mucus
What are some chemicals in cigarettes? Tar Carbon Monoxide Nicotine Ethanol
What is the chemical equation for respiration? Oxygen+Sugar=Energy+Carbon dioxide+Water
Why do we need to have oxygen? Because the mitochondria need them to create energy
What percent of the air that we inhale and exhale are oxygen? Inhale-21% Exhale-16%
What is diffusion When gases go from places of high to low concentration
What are some symptoms of withdrawal? Nervousness Trouble concentrating Nicotine craving Drowsiness
How does oxygen get inti the bloodstream and carbon dioxide get out of it? Oxygen diffuses out out the alveoli and carbon dioxide diffuses into it
Created by: JMA101