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2 Everybody_Eng.

bend, beugen bend, bent, bent
catch, fangen catch, caught, caught
cling, kleben, haften cling, clung, clung
creep, kriechen creep, crept, crept
go, gehen go, went, gone
hang, hängen hang, hung, hung
hide, verstecken hide, hid, hidden
hold, halten hold, held, held
kneel, knien kneel, knelt, knelt
lean, sich anlehnen lean, leant, leant
run, rennen run, ran, run
shake, schütteln shake, shook, shaken
stand, stehen stand, stood, stood
swing, schwingen swing, swung, swung
tread, treten tread, trod, trodden
weave, weben weave, wove, woven
choose, wählen choose, chose, chosen
draw, zeichen draw, drew, drawn
find, finden find, found, found
know, wissen know, knew, known
learn, lernen learn, learnt, learnt
meet, treffen meet, met, met
read, lesen read, read, read
see, sehen see, saw, seen
show, zeigen show, showed, shown
sit, sitzen sit, sat, sat
spell, buchstabieren spell, spelt, spelt
stick, stecken, kleben stick, stuck, stuck
teach, lehren teach, taught, taught
tell, sagen tell, told, told
write, schreiben write, wrote, written
Created by: alecli