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Wrld Geo Chap 19

Velvet Revolution A revolution that does not have bloodshed. The velvet revolution or gentle revolution occurred from November 17 to December 23, 1989.
Balkanize To break up into small, mutually hostile political units. Varying neighbors would take the property, balkanize and splitting the country.
Annex To be formally added to a country. Hawaii was annexed to the United States.
Ghetto An area of a city or town where a minority is forced to live. In the 1940s Jews were forced to live in ghetto areas.
Privatization The process of selling government-owned industries and businesses to private owners who can run them more efficiently. Selling airplane rides is privatization.
Entrepreneur Individuals who start and build businesses. Restaurant owners or starters are an entrepreneur.
Holocaust A great or complete devastation or destruction, mainly by fire. A house that is destructed is a holocaust.
Collective Farm Where workers are paid by the government and they share profits from their products. The Soviet Union used collective farming to raise their income.
Multiplier Effect The effect of an investment has in a multiplying related jobs throughout an economy. If a big corporation builds factories it employs workers and construction builders.
National Identity The sense of what characteristics make them a nation. Language and culture is one way for national identity to develop.
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