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AS Myriapoda

Myriapods have these two body segments? head and trunk
How many legs do myriapods have? several pairs of legs, it depends (8+)
How many pairs of legs do centipedes have per segment? 1 pair (2 legs total)
How many pairs of legs do millipedes have per segment? 2 pairs (4 legs total)
How many pairs of antennae do most myriapods have? 1 pair (some have 2 pair)
How many wings do myriapods have? no wings
Example myriapods include: centipedes and millipedes
Where do myriapods live? on land
Myriapod with a flattened body? centipede
A centipede's first pair of legs have been modified into venom-injecting ________. fangs
Posterior appendages used for capturing food on some centipedes. pincers
The simple eyes of a myriapod. ocelli
Myriapod with a rounded body? millipede
Are centipedes generally herbivores or carnivores? carnivores
Are millipedes generally herbivores or carnivores? herbivores
Although not venomous, millipedes have glands that produce __________ ___________ for defense. irritating fluids (like hydrochloric acid)
Created by: ballb