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Bengal Geography

Singalila National Park Darjeeling
Neora Valley National Park Kalimpong
Gorumara National Park Jalpaiguri
Jaldapara National Park Alipurduar
Buxa National Park Alipurduar
Sunderban National Park South 24 Paraganas, 1984, UNESCO 1987
Baikunthapur Forest Darjeeling district and Jalpaiguri district.
Chilapata Forests Alipurduar
Bankura Forest Bankura
Arabari Paschim Medinipur
Sundarbans South and North 24 Parganas
East Kolkata wetlands Ramsar Site
Bhur of Upper Ganga Plain Undulating, aeolian sandy deposit
About 80% of the coal reserves of India Damodar Valley
The first iron and steel industry of West Bengal Kulti, 1870
First jute industry Either side of Hooghly River, 1855
First cotton industry Ghusuri at Howrah district (Cultivation of cotton does not take place in WB)
First tea industry 1834
Shipbuilding manufacturers Titagarh Marines (Titagarh Wagons for railway built as well), Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers, Shalimar Works Ltd, Hooghly Dock & Port Engineers Limited
West Bengal N-S distance 21°20' and 27°32' N; 620 Km
West Bengal E-W distance 85°50'E and 89°50' E; 300 Km
West Bengal Area Rank 13th in India
West Bengal Area 88,752 sq. km; 2.7% of India
West Bengal Area (During partition) 8,785 sq. kms.
Cooch Behar added 1950
Chandanagore, formerly a French possession added 1954; Hoogly District
Puruliya sub-division Manbhum district and a part of Kishanganj sub-division of Purnea district 1956; West Dinajpur
24 Paraganas divided 1986
West Dinajpur divided 1992
Medinipur divided 2002
Bardhaman divided 2017
Alipurduar created 2014
Kalimpong created 2017
Jhargram 2017
Total subdivisions 69
Largest city Kolkata
Population density 1029/sq. km.
Total population of WB 9.1 crore
Highest Sex Ratio Darjeeling 971
Lowest Sex Ratio Kolkata 908
Total blocks in WB 341
Number of Villages in WB 40,782
Narrowest part in WB Chopra in North Dinajpur (9 km)
Largest international border with WB Bangladesh; 2272 Km
Largest state boundary with WB Jharkhand
Northern Mountain Range rock type Sedimentary and metamorphic rock
Highest mountain Sandakphu (3630 mt)
Teesta flows through Kalimpong
Teesta divided North Bengal Plains Western:Terai and Eastern:Duars
Highest mountain in Purulia Ayodhya Hill
Shiwaliks in Jalpaiguri Buxa-Jayanti Hills
Small monadnocks in Purulia Tila
Narrow land mass in North Dinajpur N-S Mahananda Corridor
Maldah is divided by this river E-W Mahananda River
Eastern part of Malda Barind; Old alluviam
Western part of Malda New alluviam; River Kalindi meets with the Mahananda River
Northern part of river Kalindri Tal
Beels Small water bodies found in the Tal region
Southern part of Kalindi Diara
Region created by the soil from the Deccan plateau Rarh
Bhagirathi flows through Murshidabad, Baharampur, Nabadwip, Chinsura, Chandannagar, Srirampur, Howrah, Kolkata, Diamond Harbour and Haldia
Sundari Tree (Scientific name) Heritiera minor
Sal Tree (Scientific name) Shorea robusta
The thunder storm (i.e. Norwester) ‘Kal Baisakhi’
State with the maximum road density West Bengal
Durgapur Barrage started in 1955
Durgapur Barrage is built over Damodar river (Bankura+Bardhaman)
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway started in 1881
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway UNESCO year 1999
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is managed by The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR)
Dum dum airport started in 1924
Dum dum airport renamed in 1995
Domestic terminal started in 1990
Bagdogra Airport is in Siliguri (Darjeeling 62%; Jalpaiguri 38%)
India’s first Aerotropolis and first privately managed airport Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport
National Waterway (NW1) is between Allahabad and Haldia
Trams started in 1873; 1902
Kharagpur Railway work-shop started in 1900
Chittaranjan is known for Locomotive works
Adra of Purulia is famous for Railway Junction
Haldia is a centre for Petro-Chemical Industries
Silk industry is found in Murshidabad
Rurh of India is in Durgapur
Oldest coalfield of DVC Raniganj (1774)
Proposed corridor to link Chopra and Jalpaiguri Tetulia Corridor
Tin Bigha Corridor links India and Bangladesh
Connects Kolkata to New Delhi NH2
Longest National Highway NH7
Kolkata and Siliguri is connected by NH34
Award given to West Bengal for maximum food grain production “KRISHI KARMAN”
Total contribution to food production (%) 8%
WB ranks first and second in production of Rice and Potato
Kharif cropping season July-October SW monsoon
Rabi cropping season October-March
Zaid cropping season March-June
Kharif crops Millet and rice
Rabi crops or Rabi harvest (Arabic word for spring); Wheat, Barley, Mustard
Zaid crops or Summer crops Cucumber, Watermelon, Bitter gourd
Type of rice cultivation on residual or stored water in low-lying areas after the harvest of kharif rice Boro rice
Literacy of WB 77.08%
Female literacy rate in WB 76%
Male literacy rate 82%
Sex Ratio of WB 950
Highest HDI in WB Kolkata
Lowest HDI in WB Purulia
WB population to India 7.55%, 4th in India
Coastal length of WB 158 Km
Number of Municipalities in WB 127
Forest Cover in WB 13%
West Bengal is comparable to Hungary
First HDR report of WB 2004
Export processing zone in WB Falta 1984
Highest Population growth rate in WB Uttar Dinajpur
Lowest Population growth rate in WB Kolkata
Majority of Damodar basin is in Jharkhand
Farakka Barrage started in 1975
India-Bangladesh Agreement over Ganga 1996
DVC is similar to TVA (Tenesse Valley Authority)
DVC established in the year 1948
DVC handed to Bengal 1964
Highest Railway station of the world in Darjeeling Ghoom Railway Station, 2225m
Midnapore Canal 1866
Massanjore Dam/Canada Dam Mayurakshi River, Jharkhand
Purulia Pumped Storage Project Ayodhya Hills
Rammam Hydroelectric Project Darjeeling
Teesta Low Dam IV Hydroelectric Project Darjeeling
Panchayati Raj in WB started in 1980
Boro Rice is predominantly cultivated in Rarh
Pneumatophores are Breathing roots of mangroves
Mangroves scientific name Rhizophora mangle
Sal is found in Bankura
Raniganj Coalfield is bounded by these two rivers Ajoy in the north and Damodar in the south
Kolaghat Thermal Power Station is in Purba Medinipur
Haripur Power Plant is in Purba Medinipur
Type of renewable energy with the maximum potenital Bio-Mass
Primary feedstock for Bio-Mass in WB Rice Husk
River divides Malda and Murshidabad Ganga
Mahananda river is snow-fed or spring-fed Spring-fed
Northern most of the western tributaries Mayurakshi/Mor
National share of Jute in WB 82.5%
Durgapur Steel plant was established in collaboration with UK
WB (in %) share of silk production 9%
Created by: nwdakhter
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