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Cells Organelles

Cell Structure and Function

Nucleus I am an organelle that controls most of the cells activities. I an operation center that contains DNA.
Vacuole I am an organelle that takes up 90% of the cells volume . As a storage chamber I store food, water, and waste.
Plant Cell I am a Eukaryotic cell that contains a vacuole, chloroplast, and a cell wall.
Mitochondria I am an organelle that exchanges the chemical product from the chloroplast, which happens to be food, and converts it into energy (ATP) for the organism. I am known as the "power house."
ATP I am not an organelle but an organelle creates me. I am used often in Active Transport. I am need for the organism to have a source of energy.
Chloroplast I am a very important organelle because I provide food (glucose) (C6H12O6), made with the help from the sun, for organisms to convert into ATP. I can be found only in plant cells (eukaryotes).
Lysosome I am an organelle that is known as the maid of the cell. I ensure to collect all sources of waste and I digest them with enzymes to help maintain my cell clean.
DNA I am not an organelle, but every cell needs a king. Without my instructions an organism (prokaryotes and eukaryotes) can not be created. I am the blueprint of life.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (rough and smooth) I am an organelle that functions like a "highway." Materials are made or processed in one part of the cell and are transported to me. One part of me has protein factories (ribosomes) and the other part of me is not.
Phospholipids I am not an organelle. I am a type of biomolecule made of fats. My structure consist of Hydrophobic tails, and hydrophilic heads.
Cell membrane (Plasma membrane) I am an organelle made up of a phospholipid bilayer. I am known as selectively permeable because I only allow certain molecules to enter or leave the cell.
Cell wall I am an organelle found in plant cells (eukaryotic) and prokaryotes (bacteria). I am an extra sturdy structure for protection.
Ribosomes I am an organelle who gets orders from DNA. DNA sends a messenger to me to construct proteins for the organism. Proteins, are a type of biomolecule, vitally important to making the whole organism. I am known as the "protein factory."
Golgi complex I am an organelle typically known as the "post office." I accept newly made compounds, package them up, and then send them out to places within the cell or out of the cell.
Prokaryotes (bacteria) I am a cell with no membrane bounded organelles. I can be dangerous to the organism or beneficial to an organism. I am much smaller compared to complex cells and I am unicellular.
Eukaryotes (plant and animal) I am a complex cell. I am full of membrane bounded organelles, my DNA is found inside a membrane bounded nucleus, and i can make multicellular organisms.
Flagellum I am an organelle found on the exterior of prokaryotes and the gamete cells of eukaryotes. I assist with movement.
Organelle I mean "tiny organs."
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