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Gen. Bio II - Evo.

General Biology II - Evolution

"Descend with Modification" is the best term for what biological term evolution
the theary fo evolution started with which greek philosopher Aristotle
what term did Aristotle use for the idea that each organism occupies a rung on a latter based on increasing complexity Scala Naturae
whoe developed the binomial classification system Carolus Linnaeus
from domain to species name all the classifications of living things Domain, Kingdom , Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
___________________ is the study of fossils paleontology
what are fossils remains/traces of organisms from the past
where are fossils found in the strata/layers of sedimentary rock
what is the importanco of George Cuvier developer of paleontoloogy
who first proposed that life changes over time , and was vilified by popular consient Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
in what way was Lamarck wrong about evolution Lamarck proposed that inheritance was acquired characteristics through uses and disuse
Who was the naturalist that sailed on the HMS Beagle and made observations on the South American coast, which lead to an essay named the Origin of species Charles Darwin.
what was Darwin's major take away from the Galapagos islands he saw how organisms changed and adapted to the environment
what are adaptations inherited characteristics of organisms that enhance survival and reproduction in specific environments
what animal helped Charles Darwin reach his conclusions abut evolution Galapagos Finches
Charles Darwin noticed that the _______________ of the Galapagos Finches have adapted to food sources beaks
Darwin proposed that individuals with certain inherited traits tend to survive and reproduce at higher rates than other because of those traits. What does this represent? Natural Selection
what is the premis of Darwin's theory of Evolution descent with modification, with underlying mechanism being natural selection
what essay did Charles Darwin write On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
what are the three main observations that Darwin pointed out in his essay On the Origin of Species unity of life, diversity of life, match between organisms and their environments
who proposed that history of life is like a tree with each fork of tree represents most recent common ancestor Charles Darwin
artificial selection is selective breeding (i.e. domesticated plants and animals)
what is overproduction of offspring when individuals produce more offspring than will/is expected to survive to adulthood
as a result of natural selection, what happens to favorable traits over time favorable traits accumulate over generations
according to Charles Darwin, individuals (do/do not) evolve but populations (do/do not) individuals DO NOT evolve, Populations DO evolve
________________________ can amplify or diminish only heritable traits that differ among individuals natural selction
natural selection is always operating but depends on ___________________ context of where species lives and mates
what term states that characteristics in related species have underlying similarity but function differently homology
Homologous structures are expected to result from a common ancestor
a bat wing, human forearm, cat leg, and whale flipper are all examples of what homologous structures
embryological similarities are examples of ____________________ structures homologous
______________________ are remnants of ancestor that served function in ancestor of organism vestigial structures
pelvis and leg bones in snake are examples of what? pelvis and leg bones in snake are examples of VESTIGIAL FEATURES
_________________ is shared genes among species, some have changed function some have lost function in differing species molecular similarities
what is the evolutionary family tree a pattern of descent from common ancestors
___________________________ is independent evolution of similar features in different lineages convergent evolution
_____________________ results from convergent evolution analogous features
what is the opposite of analogous features homologous features are the opposite of analogous features
these features have similar functions but no common ancestry analogous features are similar with no common ancestry
the _________________ shows us how past organisms differ from the present-day fossil record
what is the study of geographic distributions of species biogeography
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