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56 Science STAAR Words

adaptation to change to your environment :to develop physical and behavior characteristics that allow organisms to survive and have offsprings
attract to draw objects nearer. The magnet pulled iron objects toward it.
axis an imaginary line that runs between the North and South poles
carnivores animals that eat meat
conclusion the end, the final part, the result, the outcome, the final decision
condensation process by which gas turns into a liquid,water vapor turns into a cloud
conductor any material that allows an electrical current to pass through it easily- metal
consumer is a living thing that eats other living things to survive. It cannot make its own food
decomposer organisms that break down and digest dead material and waste
deposition material eroded by water, wind, or ice are dropped in a new place
dissolving to become absorbed in liquid, to make a solution with another substance
erosion removal of surface material from the Earth's crust and moving of the materials
evaporation the process of liquid changing to a gas
food web the over lapping of food chains with different pathways for the flow of food energy in an ecosystem
fossil fuels several types of naturally occurring fuels formed from the remains of dead plants and animals that died thousand of millions ago
freezing a change of liquid to a solid. the freezing point is 0* Celsius
friction a force between two surfaces rubbing against each other
gravity the force that pulls an object down toward Earth
herbivore an animal that eats only plants or plant products
hypothesis an idea that can be tested by an experiment or an observation
incomplete metamorphosis the growth process of some insects that only include 3 stages: egg, nymph and adult
inherited traits a characteristic passed down from parent to offspring
instinct a behavior that an animal inherits from its parents
insulator a material that does not let thermal energy, electricity, or sound energy pass through it easily
lunar cycle the phases of the moon that occur due to the revolving of the planet and moon
mass the amount of matter in an object or substance
matter anything that has mass and takes up space
melting when a substance changes from a solid to a liquid, or 0 degrees Celsius
complete metamorphosis the growth process of most insects that includes four stages egg, larva, pupa, adult
mixture a combination of two or more substances that do not form a new substance
niche the role that an organism plays in its environment
non renewable resources resources that nature can not replace quickly
omnivore an animal that eats both plants an animals
photosynthesis the process of using the energy in sunlight to make food from water and carbon dioxide
precipitation water that falls to Earths surface as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
producer an organism that makes its own food
reflection the bouncing back of light rays from a surface
refraction the bending of light rays when passing through a substance
renewable resources resources that nature replaces as they are used
repel a pushing forced caused by two poles of a magnet being near each other
revolution to travel in a closed path around an object such as Earth does when it moves around the sun
rotation the spinning of Earth on its axis
soil material made up of tiny pieces of rock, minerals, and decayed plant and animal matter
solution a mixture with one substance spread out so evenly in another substance that you cannot tell the two substances apart
system a set of objects that interact to do a job
variables the things which can change in an experiment
vibration the rapid back and forth movement that produces sound
volume the amount of space taken up by an object
weathering the breaking down and wearing away of rock
weight a measurement of the pull of gravity to an object
weather the properties of the atmosphere at a given time and location, including temp, air movement and precipitation
climate the average weather conditions in an area
carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle allows all organisms to survive in which plants give out oxygen that animals breathe in and turn into CO2 which is then used by plants
mechanical energy the energy of moving pieces
sedimentary rock a type of rock formed by gravity pressing fragments of other rocks and minerals together as they settle on land or under the ocean over a long period of time
boiling point the temp at which a liquid changes into a gas or 100 degrees Celsius
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