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Unit 4 vocab


Meander Curve or bend in a stream formed when a stream's slope decreases
River Delta Triangular deposit, Usually made up of silt and clay particles
Precipitation All solid and liquid forms of water-including rain, snow, sleet, and hail-that fall from clouds
Evaporation Change of state from a liquid to a gas
Water table Upper boundary pf the zone of saturation
Zone of saturation Region below Earth's surface in which groundwater completely fills all the pores of a material
Zone of aeration Above the water table, materials are moist, but because they are not saturated with water, air occupies much of the pores
Permeability The ability of a material to let water pass through it
Aquifer Where groundwater flows through permeable sediment and rock
Infiltration Process by which precipitation that has fallen on land trickles into the ground and becomes groundwater
Transpiration The act a plant to loss water through it's leaves and stem
Condensation Process by which cooling gas changes to a liquid
Groundwater Water present beneath Earth's surface in pore spaces and fractures in rock formations
Runoff Water that flows down slope of Earth's surface and may enter a lake, stream, or river
Watershed/river basin Land area drained by a stream system
Rejuvenation Process by which a stream resumes down cutting toward it's base level, increasing it's rate of flow
Flood plains Broad, flat, fertile area that is covered with water during floods
Tributaries A river or stream that feeds into a larger moving body of water
Cut bank The outside back of a water channel
Oxbow lake A U-shaped lake that forms when the wider meander of a river cuts off
Salinity The amount of salt dissolved in a body of water
turbidity Cloudiness or haziness of water of a fluid caused by a large number of particles visible to the naked eye
pH Scale used to specify how acidic or basic a solution is
Point source pollution A single identifiable source of pollution
Non point source pollution Pollution caused by many different sources
Density current Often seen as different dentsity of water flow around eachother, I.e. cooler water deeper in the ocean flowing differently than surface water
Coriolis effect When a mass in a moving, rotating system experiences a force that acts differently from it's own, often seen as a cross over from northern to southern hemispheres
Up-welling When nutrient rich water from deep in the ocean rises to the surface
Salt-water intrusion The movement of saline water into a fresh water aquifer
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