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味道 wèi dào taste
早饭 zǎo fàn breakfast
午饭 wǔ fàn lunch
甜 tián sweet
苦 kǔ bitter
买单 mǎi dān check, to pay the bill; "check, please."
结账 jié zhàng to pay the bill
水果 shuǐ guǒ fruit
海鲜 hǎi xiān seafood
鸡肉 jī ròu chicken
猪肉 zhū ròu pork
牛肉 niú ròu beef
米饭 mǐ fàn rice
咸 xián salty
辣 là spicy
吃素 chī sù (be) vegetarian
吃肉 chī ròu eat meat
筷子 kuài zi chopsticks
叉子 shā zi fork
用 yòng use
请客 qǐng kè invite to dinner
试一下 shì yī xià give it a try
饱 bǎo full
怎么样 zěn me yàng how
饭馆 fàn guǎn restaurant
好喝 hǎo hē delicious (drink)
好吃 hǎn chī delicious (food)
口渴 kǒu kě thirsty
饿 è hungry
新 xīn new
不错 bú cuò not bad, good
太......了 tài...le to describe an exaggerated attribute
给 gěi to give
那(么) nà me well then, in that case
要 yào to indicate desire
菜单 cài dān menu
欢迎光临 guān yíng guāng lín welcome
为什么 wèi shén me why
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