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Vestibulum set 2

Comenius in small sets

Set 2. Nōmina Substantīva et Adiectīva. Nouns and Adjectives.
Dē accidentibus rērum. Of the accidents of things.
Deus aeternus, God is eternal,
Ūnus est in essentiā. He is one in essence,
Trīnus in persōnīs: Threefold in persons:
Pater Creātor, The Father Creator,
Fīlius Redemptor, The Son the Savior,
Spīritus Sānctus, Sānctificātor. The Holy Spirit the Sanctifier.
Mundus temporārius. The world is temporary.
Angelus immortālis. An angel is immortal.
Homō mortālis. A man is mortal.
Corpus vīsibile. A body is visible.
Spīritus invīsibilis. A spirit is invisible.
Anima itidem. The soul likewise.
Caelum suprēmum. The sky is the highest.
Āēr medius. The air is in the middle.
Terra īnfima. The earth is the lowest.
Nebula est remōta. A cloud is far away.
Nūbēs propinqua. A mist is near.
Tempus longum aut breve. Time is long or short.
Ārea lāta vel angusta. The courtyard is broad or narrow.
Domus ampla vel arcta. A house is spacious or cramped.
Montēs sunt altī. Mountains are high.
Vallēs profundae. Valleys are deep.
Collēs ēlevātī. Hills are raised up.
Casa est humilis. A cottage is lowly.
Turris excelsa. A tower is lofty.
Abiēs prōcēra. A fir tree is tall.
Fluvius brevis aut profundus. A river is shallow or deep.
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