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The Odyssey quiz

Mrs. Foreman's Odyssey quiz

Going back in time to retell a story Flashback
The author of The Odyssey Homer
Why were the gods angry with Odysseus and his men? Because they forgot to thank them after they won the Trojan war.
Who wanted to keep Odysseus on her island and make him her husband? Calypso
The Cyclops was the son of which god? Poseidon
Were the men strong enough to move the rock from the Cyclops' cave? NO
What was the fake name that Odysseus used on the island of the Cyclops? Nobody
What is the name of the witch that disliked men and turned them into pigs? Circe
What was the major mistake that Odysseus made as he left the island of the Cyclops? He told him his real name.
Hermes appeared to Odysseus disguised as what? A shepherd boy
What would the Sirens use to lure sailors to their deaths? Their singing
Charybdis had a mouth that formed a giant what? Whirlpool
Scylla was a six headed monster that did what? Ate six men as they rowed by.
What were the men warned NOT to do on the island of the Sun God? Not to eat his animals
What did the Sun God threaten to take away from the world if Zeus did not help him punish Odysseus? light
What did Zeus use to strike his FINAL BLOW? a lightning bolt
What was the name of Odysseus' home island? Ithaca
How many years has Odysseus been gone? almost 20
Who was living in Odysseus' palace when he got home? Men that wanted to marry Penelope
What did Odysseus go to the palace disguised as? an old man
What did Penelope tell the suiters she needed to finish before she could marry? A funeral robe for Odysseus' father
What did the men try to use to win the competition to marry Penelope? They tried to string Odysseus' bow
Who fought with Odysseus to kill the men living in the palace? Telemachus
What did Odysseus do to the unfaithful servants? Made them clean up the bloody mess and then had them all killed.
Created by: kforeman