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Japanese Kanji 25

Japanese Kanji Kodansha 25-day

tip of a toe, tiptoe tsumasaki つま先 >> standing on tiptoes つまさきだ 爪先立ち tsumasakidachi
nail clipper tsumekiri 爪切り
stand on tiptoe tsumadatsu 爪立つ
melon, gourd
as alike as two melons urifutatsu 瓜二つ (as alike as) two peas in a pod
water melon suika 西瓜
hood, kerchief zukin 頭巾
cloth, spread
dishcloth, napkin fukin 布巾
canvas gafu 画布
cloth nunoji 布地
promulgate promulgation happu suru 発布
distribution bunpu 分布
city market
municipal shiritsu=ichiritsu 市立
mayor shichou 市長 >> しちょうそん 市町村 cities, towns and villages; municipalities
municipal railway shiden 市電
morning market asaichi 朝市
flea market nominoichi 蚤の市 (Boroichi!)
hang suspend
hang suspend tsuru 吊る godan
lift, raise, jack up prices tsuriageru 吊り上げる >>> 釣り上げる to fish, to pull on land tsuriageru
suspenders zubontsuri ズボン吊り
slanted, upturned eyes tsurime つり目 slant eyes; almond-shaped eyes; eyes that are turned up at the corners
hanging by the neck kubitsuri 首吊り
fountain sensui 泉水
onsen hot spring 温泉
onsenchi onsen area 温泉地
arukarisen alkaline spring ???
plain field//original primitive
plateau kougen 高原
Harada (surname) harada 原田
original (work) gensaku 原作
original bill/plan genan
atom genshi 原子
consultation; discussion; discussing; asking (somebody) for advice soudan suru >> you can also say 友達に相談(そうだん)します。 相談 is more on asking other person's opinion before you make any conclusion/decision. そうだん 相談
p. 83 84 claw nail plectrum
Created by: Marutina
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