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Auriemma Iqbal

Iqbal vocabulary and chapter questions

What is a rupee? The type of currency that is used in Pakistan.
The children were bonded in the story of Iqbal. What does that mean in terms of Iqbal? The children were loaned out or "rented" to masters to work off debt.
What does incessently mean? non-stop
The children worked until they were fatigued or exhausted
The colors on the rug accentuated the rug. Accentuated would mean.. stand out or pop out
Iqbal will have to face many tribualations before he triumphs. What does tribulation mean? trials or failures
Hussian described the foreigners as illustrious, this would mean they were fancy or wealthy
What are terms of endearments? nice names or small gestures of affection
Arrogant is how the children describe Iqbal, what does arrogant mean? thinking he is better than he is, or exagerating what he is
What is an apprentice? Someone who watches a professional and learns their skill, usually without pay.
What country does the story of Iqbal take place in? Pakistan
Who tells the story of Iqbal? Fatima
What is the diet of the slave children? chipolte bread, dal and vegetables
How are the numbskulls treated differently? They are chained to their loom and made fun of by the other kids
What do the children do with their blisters that are made from the loom? Pop them with a knife
How do Hussain and the children keep track of how much debt they have left? marks on a slate that only Hussain can touch
How high can Fatima count? almost to 10
How much do the children make at the carpet mill a day? 1 rupee
How do the children get a small glimpse of the outside world? a little window in the bathroom
Why don't the children escape out the little window? It is too high and they have nowhere to go.
HOw many breaks do the kids get a day. one, one hour break.
How many years has Fatima been at Hussain Khan's? 3 years
Who is Karim? The seventeen yearold overseer
What story did Karim tell the other children about his time in the city? That he was able to see a cinema
What did Karim brag to the children that he had been brave enough to do? Sneak up to the Master's window and watch five minutes of a cricket game.
How many slave children are in the factory before Iqbal arrives? 14 plus Karim
What does the master nickname Iqbal? Mr. Know-it-all
Why was Iqbal chained up? He had come from another master and was stubborn and smart
What is different about Iqbal compared to the other children? He is not afraid and is willing to talk back.
How old is Salman? 10
What job did Salman have before the carpet mill? Making bricks
Which child did not speak? Maria
Where did Iqbal live with his family? On a farm run by a different master.
Who was ill in Iqbal's family? His older brother
Who got all of Iqbal's family's crops? Iqbal's family's master
Which character was the first to go to the Tomb for two days? Soloman
Why does Karim defend the Master? He believes the master cares and provides for him and he has no where else to go.
Why doesn't Iqbal's dad take the money from a merchant at first? He doesn't want to be more in debt
How much money was Iqbal sold for? $26
Why did Iqbal's family need $26? His brother was ill and for food for the year.
How long was Iqbal supposed to work for? Three months
How long had Iqbal been working for? Three years
What was the last image of Iqbals house? His dad whipping the water buffalo
What is the first secret Iqbal shares with Fatima? That they will run away.
How is Karim kind to the children? He put ointment on their hands at night
How old was Karim when he was bonded? seven
How many other masters had Iqbal had before Hussain Khan? three
What do the kids believe will happen to Iqbal once he makes the Blue Bukhara? He will be free
What is the first thing Iqbal wants to do when he is freed? Ride a bus around the city two times.
What does Fatima want to do wher she is freed? See a movie
Who can't Fatima remember? Her father
How is Iqbal able to remember his family so well? He goes over his memories each night
What punishments did Hussain Khan instill on the children when Iqbal ran away for a second time? He made the children work an extra hour, put bars on the window and took Karim's keys away so the children could not visit and help Iqbal
When Iqbal made it to the city who did he go to for help? The Police
How did the police react when they brought Iqbal back to Hussain Khan? They released Iqbal back to Hussain Khan for a payment
While Iqbal was with the police how did they treat him? They let him sleep in a jail cell and gave him a bowl of rice and let him know that he could leave if he needed to.
Where did Iqbal go when the police broght him back? To the Tomb for six days
What big mistake does Maria make that upsets Hussain Khan? She sews a kite on the rug
What does Hussain Khan decide he needs to do with Maria and her Kite Rug? Throw her in the Tomb
Why doesn't Maria go to the Tomb? All the other children stick up for her and want to go to the Tomb with her.
When Iqbal ran away the second time, why didn't he go home? Home would be the first place that Hussain Khan would look for Iqbal and Iqbal's father would have to give Iqbal back to Hussain Khan
What job does Iqbal get in the city? Moving mutton hinds
What dream does Iqbal fulfill while he is by himself in the city? He rides a bus
How did the citizens of Pakistan react to the speaker in the white shirt? They told him to be quiet and threw fruit at him.
What does Iqbal bring back with him from the city to the children? A flyer
What is wrong with the flyer? None of the children can read
Which child fesses up and admits that they can read? Maria
What do the children use as a chalboard while they learn how to read? Dirt floors and a stick
What profession was Maria's father? A teacher
Which two boys get in a fight at Hussain Khan's house? Mohammed and Soloman
Why were the boys really fighting to let Iqbal escape
When Iqbal escaped for good, who did he bring back to Hussain Khan's carpet mill? Eshan Khan
What is the name of the organization that Eshan Khan leads? The Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan
What happens to Hussain Khan in the end? He is arressted for enslaving children
When Hussain Khan goes to jail the children are freed, why don't the children leave the carpet mill? They don't know where they are, they don't know where their familes are, they don't have anywhere to go.
Since the children did not have anywhere to go right away, where did Eshan Khan take the children? To the Bonded Labor Liberation Front Headquarters
When the children show up to headquarters, what do they look like? They are encrusted in dirt, they have lice, there are sores and cuts on their arms and legs and they are so skinny you can see their ribs
When Fatima woke up on her first day of freedom, what was her first thought? I got to get to work
What gift does Iqbal give to Maria and Fatima in the park? A kite
What is Maria's fear about her father? He is dead and she has nowhere to go.
What are the four areas that bond children? Carpet mills, brick kilns, farms and mines
What does Iqbal want to do when he grows up? Be a lawyer
Who is "They"? The money lenders
What does Iqbal do for the Liberation Front? Sneak into factories where children are kept and take pictures of the children that are bonded.
What dream does Fatima live? She sees a movie and cries through the entire thing
In what ways do "they" send messages to the Liberation Front? Gunshots and bombs
What scares Iqbal at the brick kiln? The mushi shoots at him
What do brickworkers have to pay for while they are enslaved? Coal, their hut and food
What happens to the debt of brickworker when he passes away? He goes to his children
What shoe company gives a "Youth in Action" award to a child that is trying to change the world? Reebok
What is Iqbal going to do in Switzerland and Boston? Give a speech about his story.
What did Fatima compare Iqbal's plane to? A kite
What term means someone who learns a skill from a professional? apprentice
What term means to keep going even though it is extremely difficult? perserverance
Delude to lie to your mind
This disease is usually a bacterial infection that will cause mucas and diahrea. dysentery
A strong taste or order pungent
Sheep hinds mutton
This tower makes a call to prayer 5 times a day. Muezzin
To look at someone mean or evil. menacingly
nervous and excited anxious
old and in disrepair decrepit
to take advantage of someone for your own benefit dxploit
similar to a judge magistrate
clandestine done in secracy
Created by: jauriemma