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Europa & the Bull

Europam, filiam Agenoris, Iuppiter, rex deorum, vidit. Jupiter, the king of the gods, saw Europa, the daughter of Agenor.
victus amore eius, dixit "sine hāc bellā feminā ego non potero vivere." Overcome by love for her, he said, "Without this beautiful woman I will not be able to live.
"sed quid agam?" inquit. "But what shall I do?" he said.
"haec virgo" inquit " si eam vi superabo, me non amabit." "This maiden," he said, "will not love me if I overcome her with violence."
"et Iuno" inquit "uxor mea, si insidias meas inveniet, me castigabit." He said, "And if Juno, my wife, will discover my treachery, she will chastise/reprimand/punish me."
"arte igitur Europam ad me ducere debēo." "Therefore, I ought to lead Europa to myself with deceit."
Iuppiter sibi dedit formam tauri. Jupiter gave himself the form of a bull.
cum celeritate ē suā arce in caelo per nubes ad terram cucurrit. With speed, he ran out of his castle/fortress in the sky, through the clouds, to earth.
Europa cum suis amicis erraverat in locā remotā. Europa had wandered with her friends in a remote place.
ad has venit ille magnus taurus. To these [girls] came that great bull.
fugerunt aliae puellae. The other [girls] fled.
sola Europa nam animalia semper amaverat remansit cum tauro. Only Europa remained with the bull for she had always loved animals.
collum eius suis bracchiis Europa tenuit. Europa held his neck with her arms.
sine morā trans mare ille eam traxit. Without delay, he dragged her across the sea.
Europa periculum sensit et exclamavit "o!" Europa sensed her peril and exclaimed, "Oh!"
"bella femina nullae malae sententiae sunt in meo animo" Iuppiter dixit. "Beautiful woman, no evil intentions are in my spirit/mind, Jupiter said.
"non taurus" inquit "sed deus sum." "I am not a bull, but I am a god," he said.
"non mors, sed fama gloriaque tibi venient." "Not death, but fame and glory will come to you."
"nam tuum" inquit "nomen magni poetae cum meo iungent." "For great poets will join your name with mine."
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