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Important articles

1 Name and territory of the Union
3 Formation of new states and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing states
12 Working definition of the Indian State
13 Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of the Fundamental Rights
14 Equality before law
16 Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment
17 Abolition of Untouchabilty
18 Abolition of titles
19 Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc.
21 Protection of life and personal liberty
21A Right to elementary education
23 Human Trafficking & Forced Labour
24 Child Labour
26 Right to establish and maintain institutions for religious and charitable purposes
28 No religious instruction shall be provided to wholly state funded educational insitutions
29 Protection of Right of the Minorities
32 Constitutional Remedies
35a Permanent Residents of JK
36 Definition of DPSP
38 State to secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people
40 Organisation of village panchayats
44 Uniform Civil Code for the citizens
45 Provision for early childhood care and education to children below the age of 6 years.
46 Promotion of educational and economic interests of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other weaker sections
50 Separation of judiciary from executive
51 Promotion of international peace and security
51A Fundamental Duties
52 President
54 Election of the President
61 Procedure of Impeachment of the President
72 Pardoning Powers of the President
74 Council of Ministers to aid and advice the President
76 Attorney General for India
78 Duties of PM
79 Constitution of Parliament
105 Powers and Privileges of the Parliament
110 Money Bill
111 Assent to Bills by the President
112 Annual Financial Statement
120 Language to be used in Parliament
123 Ordinance
124 Supreme Court
148 Comptroller and Auditor General
149 Duties of CAG
153 Governor
154 Power of the Governor
155 Appointment of the Governor
161 Power of Governor to grant pardons
163 Council of Ministers to aid and advice the Governor
165 Attorney General of the State
167 Duties of CM
168 Constitution of State Legislature
169 Creation or abolition of Legislative councils in the state
200 Assent to Bills by Governor
210 Language of the state legislature
214 High courts
226 High courts issue writs
243a Gram Sabha
243b Constition of the Panchayat
243-243o Panchayat
243p-243zg Municipalities
244 Scheduled and Tribal Areas
262 Disputes relating to inter-state rivers
275 Grants-in-aid
280 Finance Commission
300a Right to Property
301 Free Trade, Commerce, and Intercourse
302 Restrictions on Trade, Commerce, and Intercourse
312 All India Services
315 Public Service Commission
320 Functions of Public Service Commission
323a Administrative Tribunals
324 Election Commission
326 Adult Suffrage
338 National Commission for SC/ST
343 Official Language of the Union
345 Official Language of the States
352 National Emergency
356 President's Rule
360 Financial Emergency
368 Amendment
370 Special Provisions for J&K
Created by: nwdakhter
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