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Life Sc Mid Term I

Life Science Mid-term Chapter 1 questions

Where in the Bible do we find the Dominion Mandate Genesis 1:28
Which of these comes logically later than the other steps of the scientific method Predict outcomes
The statement " This is a beautiful dress" is an example of a(n) value judgment
Theories on how life first arose on earth are outside the scope of science because the origin of life if not observable or repeatable or measurable
When you arrange data so that relationships can be seen,you have ___________ it classified
The factor tested in an experiment is called the experimental variable
A__________ is an educated guess at the solution to a problem hypothesis
To verify an answer means to support the answer with additional observations
When interpreting data, a person usually classifies and analysis the data and then chooses an answer
Two good methods for obtaining data to use in the scientific method are to research and limit the problem
Information obtained by observations is data
A person makes a value judgment when he decides the worth or the rightness or wrongness of something
T/F A scientist can never completely prove an answer True
T/F all questions can be investigated by science False
T/F It is possible to "love your neighbor by practicing science True
T/F One effect of the Fall is the lack of honoring God as we should True
T/F Critical thinking in science means finding and pointing out faults False
T/F To solve a problem you must follow the steps of the scientific method in exact order False
T/F The Fall affected man's body but not his mind false
T/F Science is the only dependable way we have to know anything about the world false
The Bible is the Word of God True
To make a statement about the expected future outcome of a certain action is to predict
Which group in an experiment is not exposed to the experimental variable the control group
What is the only source of absolute truth Bible
The study of living things is life science
the _________ is an organized way of arriving at a workable solution to a problem scientific method
_________ can be defined as the knowledge gained from the careful, systematic, observations of the physical world science
What the three important teachings that are part of a Christian worldview. (creation)God made the world and everything in it The fall The redemption
What life science task did God assign to Adam shortly after Creation to name all the animals
List the six steps of the scientific method in the order given in your textbook 1. establish the problem 2. form a hypothesis 3. test the hypothesis 4. classify and analyze the data 5. choose and verify the answer 6. predict outcomes
List three limitations of science Science deals only with observations Science cannot make universal negatives Science cannot make valve judgments
Those who believe that science is the only source of knowledge about the world have put their faith in scientism
What are two types of non-spiritual effects the Fall had on humanity physical and mental
Created by: boozerclan