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Natural Causes


the Minoan and the Roman Warm perods were____ warmer than present 4 degrees
the Medieval Warm period is __ degrees warmer than present 2
between 1650 and 1850 the world cooled _____ degrees 4
in the 20th century warming period it has warmed _-_ degrees in the last 100 years .2-.9
there were records of huge ____ production in the Roman warming period wine
Scientists used the evidence provided to _ infer the climate changes
the warmest time period the holocene climate optimum
scientists credit medieval warm period to the Inca Empire
Incas had warm weather to farm extensivley irrigated with _____ glacier runoff
Vikings took advantage of the ocean to settle ___ and _____ Iceland ; Greenland
________ years ago there was a deep ice age level down _____ ft. and man walked from _____ to ___ 50000; 300;Asia; Alaska
took Earth ___ years to get out of Ice Age 40000
Holocene refers to the Earth's last______ years of history 10000
CO2 levels have been rising for _______ years to end the ice age 18000
ice core samples from antarctica show __ glacial/ interglacial cycles 8
when did warm period peak and what has itt been doing since 1998; cooling
Have CO2 levels reached previous interglacial periods yes
9.99% of climate is regulated by water, orbital variations,and solar variations
water accounts for what percent of the greenhouse effect 36-66
T/F CO2 causes climate change. explain false because co2 is a product of climate change
there is a constant exchangement between oceans, atmosphere, and vegetation
_____ billion tons of CO2 circulate annually between ocean and atmosphere 90
when ocean water is ------- gases are absorbed and trapped cold
what is an indicator of a rising temperature co2
what water mass is a BIG indicator of temperature Arctic Ocean
what is the effect of no evaporation no snow to replenish the icecaps so they will shrink
what do large amounts of snow cause the solar heat goes into space causing global cooling
it takes ____ years of warming or cooling to effect the world's oceans which in turn effects the atmos 800
perihelion and aphelion are examples of eccentricity
diffe rfrom the normal eccentricity
variation in the earth's tilt from the sun obliquity
the change in the earth's wobbling precession
why does solar variation vary the sun is more active through cycles
sun spots vary thru a ____ year cycle 11
from 1900 - 1960 there were more sunspots ever seen in over ___ years 8000
the last sunspot cycle was from 1991- 2007 averaged ________ sunspots per year 1361
the current sun spot cycle began in 200 and appears to be _ -er than the others weaker
our present sunspot cycle had its peak in 1998
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