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Stack #31622

Mr. Olson 6th Grade Science Chapter 2A

Most fungi reprodue asexually by releasing _______? spores
What is the term that includes all animal-like protist? protozoans
What are the organisms that live on dead and decaying matter called? sapophytes
What kind of animal carries the Plasmodium from one host to another? mosquito
Which protist uses cilia as a method of locomotion? parameciums
Seaweed are a type of protist known as ________. algae
What is a common disease caused by a protozoan? malaria
The process by which yeasts break down sugars to produce CO2 and an alcohol is __________? fermentation
What single celled algae whose cell walls are tiny glasslike shells? diatoms
The antibiotic penicillin is made from a group of ______? molds
A plant like protist that has a flagellum is called ______? euglena
A fungus that grows on bread is what? rhizopus
An animal like protist that moves with pseudopods is what? amoeba
The protozoan that cause malaia is _______? plasmodium
Short extensions called _______ anchor mold to bread. rhizords
The "Brains" of each cell is called a ______? nucleus
Created by: mr.olson