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Scéal Cóisir

___________ a bhí ann It was ___________
Oíche Shamhna a bhí ann It was Halloween
Oíche na nAthbhliana a bhí ann It was New Year’s Eve
Mo bhreithlá a bhí ann It was my birthday
Fuair mé téacs ó mo chara I got a text from my friend
D'inis sé / sí dom go mbeadh cóisir ar siúl an oíche sin ina theach / ina teach He / she told me that there would be a party happening that night in his/her house
Chuir mé léine, brístí géine agus bróga orm I put on a shirt, jeans and shoes
Bhí sceitimíní orm I was excited
Bhí mé ag tnúth go mór leis an gcóisir I was really looking forward to the party
Fuair mé síob ó ________ I got a lift off ________
D'fhág mé an teach ag a _______ a chlog I left the house at ______ o'clock
Shroich mé an teach ag a ______ a chlog I arrived at the house at _____ o'clock
Bhí cannaí agus buidéil ar fud na háite There were cans and bottles everywhere
Bhí an áit dubh le daoine Tthe place was packed with people
Chonaic mé an cailín / an buachaill is dathúla a bhfaca mé riamh I saw the most beautiful girl / boy
Bhí mé ar mo bhealach trasna an seomra I was on my way across the room
Rinne mé iarracht labhairt léi / leis I tried to talk to him/her
Bhí an-chraic againn We had great fun
Ba bheag gur thit an chroí as mo bhéal MY heart nearly jumped out of my mouth
Chonaiceamar grúpa mór buachaillí ag troid go fíochmhar We saw a big group of lads fighting
Fuair buachaill amháin buille sa srón One boy got hit in the nose
Léim na buachaillí eile air agus thug siad léasadh dó The other boys jumped on him
Chuir duine éigin glaoch ar na seirbhisí éigeandála Someone called the emergency services
Tháinig an briogáid dóiteáin / na gardaí gan mhoill The fire brigade / guards came quickly
Go tobann, chuir mo thuistí glaoch orm Suddenly, my parents rang me
Bhí siad ar an mbealach abhaile They were on their way home
Bheidis ar buile liom They would be furious with me
D’imigh gach duine ar luas lasrach Everyone left as quick as lightning
Ghlan mé suas an áit, ach bhí sí ina praiseach I cleaned up the place, but it was in a proper state
Nuair a tháinig siad abhaile, bhí siad le ceangal When they came home, they were raging
Níor thug siad cead dom dul amach They grounded me
Ar feadh seachtaine / míosa For a week / a month
Created by: dcor90



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